Foggy windows and elevator issues

Kyra Price

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Across the Pond
May 9, 2024

Late Night Vehicle Check

On Oct. 7 at about 10:48 p.m., an officer was conducting vehicle patrol along 700 Putnam Dr. He saw a gray vehicle with foggy windows parked along the turnaround.

The officer activated the spotlight and made contact with the vehicle. The officer identified the driver with a Minnesota driver’s license and the passenger with their Blugold ID.

The officer explained to the two that he was checking on their behavior. The driver explained that they parked after going on a late-night hike along Putnam Drive.

The two asked if they needed to leave the area. The officer stated that they could remain there as long as they wanted, but other officers may stop and check on them.

They stated they would soon be leaving, and the officer answered their questions, then cleared the area.

Elevator Call in Suites

On Oct. 8 at about 6:49 p.m., an officer was dispatched by the communications center to The Suites because of an alarm call coming from an elevator car.

The communications center advised that nothing was heard over the open line, and the officer responded to the building.

The officer arrived on the scene and went to the elevator lobby on the first floor. He did not see anyone in need of police or emergency medical assistance.

The officer called both elevators to the first floor, and both arrived with no issue. He observed both elevator cars as individuals rode them and found no issue.

The officer then cleared the area.

Elevator Cart Stuck at McIntyre Library

On Oct. 11 at about 1:42 p.m., an officer was dispatched to the McIntyre Library because of a stuck elevator.

The communication center advised that there was a complaint that an individual was stuck in elevator no. 2 between the second and third floors.

Upon his arrival, the officer made contact with the stuck individual using the squad primary phone. The individual reported that they were the only one stuck inside the elevator and reported no injuries.

The officer went to the control room on the fifth floor. With another officer’s assistance, he located the main elevator control room.

The officer turned off the power to elevator cart no. 2 and then went back to the second floor. When he opened the outer doors to the elevator, he was unable to open the inner doors.

The officer saw that the manual latch to release the inner doors was located between the second and third floors.

There was a narrow opening between the elevator doors and the walls, and he could not get access from the second or third floors.

The officer contacted the communication center and requested Eau Claire Fire Department assistance. Another officer arrived on scene while waiting for ECFD, and advised the officer to wait by the entrance for ECFD while he attempted to open the doors to elevator cart no. 2.

ECFD arrived on scene, and the officer escorted them to the third floor. They were able to release the manual latch and open the doors to elevator cart no. 2.

They went to the second floor and helped the individual out of the elevator. The individual was alright with no injuries.

The officers answered any questions and then cleared the scene.

The library front desk personnel were notified that elevator cart no. 2 would be out of service until further notice, and an officer said he would notify facilities of the issue.

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