Public urination and a stuck elevator

Kyra Price

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Across the Pond
May 9, 2024

Public Urination Outside McIntyre Library

On Sept. 30 at approximately 10:52 p.m., an officer received a call on the squad duty phone. Someone reported that they witnessed an individual urinate next to McIntyre Library. 

The caller reported the individual to be a male wearing a yellow t-shirt, dark shorts and a backwards baseball hat.

The caller stated that the individual was walking across the footbridge toward Water Street.

The officer was in the area and made contact with the individual in the Water Street Parking Lot. He observed an individual matching the descriptions reported walking from the foot bridge towards the intersection of 1st Avenue and Water Street.

The officer introduced himself and explained the reason for contact. The individual was identified by Blugold card, and admitted to urinating in the area of the McIntyre Library.

The officer detected the odor of intoxicants coming from the individual’s breath, and asked if he would submit to a Preliminary Breath Test. The individual agreed, and registered a blood alcohol concentration of .068 percent.

The officer went to his squad car and conducted a records check on the individual. The individual returned as a valid driver with no wants and was not on probation. The individual had no prior alcohol-related offenses.

The officer completed Wisconsin Non-Traffic Citation #8S801GFB3L for Wisconsin State Statute 125.07(4)(b) Underage Drinking 17-20 1st offense for $263.50.

The officer issued and explained the citation to the individual, answered all of the individual’s questions and ended contact.

Elevator Cart Stuck at Tower’s South

On Sept. 23 at approximately 12:35 p.m., the officer was dispatched to Towers South to check on a stuck elevator cart.

The communications center said that an individual was stuck inside elevator cart no. 2 on floor 4 or 5. The officer responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the individual using the squad cell. She told the officer that the display panel inside the elevator was flashing between “4 SA and 5S,” so she was unsure of the exact floor.

She advised that she was the only subject stuck inside the elevator, and reported no injuries.

The officer went to the main elevator control room located on floor 12, turned the power off to elevator cart no. 2 and went back to the fourth floor.

The officer opened the doors to elevator cart no. 2 and made contact with the individual. The officer asked if the individual had been injured, and she said she was not injured and did not need any medical assistance.

Due to the stuck elevator’s position, a chair was lowered to the individual and she stepped out of the elevator. The officer answered any questions the individual had, then ended contact.

The officer went to the Towers main lobby and notified the front desk staff of the incident. The staff said they would notify the hall director.

Afterwards, the officer contacted Schindler Elevator Company and provided the receptionist with details of the incident.

The receptionist said that the stuck elevator cart was entered for repair, then the officer ended the phone contact.

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