Student Senate

Student Senate appoints new senators to fill vacant seats



The Student Senate’s second meeting of the semester commenced at 6:04 p.m. Monday.

During the open forum, festival chairs Emma Packard and Gracie DeWan of the University Activities Commission gave an overview of the Winter Carnival activities the commission is putting on this week.

Also during the open forum, Anakah Denison, an on-campus senator, announced plans for the Blugold Guide, a comprehensive resource guide for students.

Mengcha Moua, Equity in Student Matters commission director, said during the open forum that the ESM commission will be co-hosting The Black Experience for Black History Month on 11:00 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 27 in the Ojibwe Ballroom.

The reports of the president, vice president, chief of staff and commission directors were skipped to save time for personnel matters, and can be found in the meeting minutes.

Jaden Mikoulinskii, senate president, appointed Ivan San, Jake Hicks, Brenna Strojinc, Sahana Suresh, Rian Jones, Zhia Lee, Kyle May, Austin Lallak, Hannah Kelly, Ben Myszka and Thomas Miller to at-large senate seats.

Moua was appointed to the Queer and Trans Action committee, Senator Thomas Miller was appointed to the Dining committee, Senator Bradford Heap was appointed to the Alcohol Safety Team and Director Bailey Carruthers nominated Noah Liljedahl to the Elections committee.

During last week’s senate meeting, Bill 65-B-7 was introduced with a typographical error. It incorrectly stated that one of the pieces of machinery to be replaced was a “mini-cutter” instead of a “multi-cutter,” which is used for cutting glass.

Bill 65-B-7 passed with a vote of 23-0-3, allowing a special allocation of $8,895.56 to replace the multi-cutter and dry mounter in the Foster Gallery.

Mikoulinskii introduced 65-B-8, a bill that would amend chapters I and II of the Student Senate bylaws. Amendments include changes to language by saying a Military Acknowledgement Statement instead of the Pledge of Allegiance. 65-B-8 will be voted on next week.

Maddie Loeffler, Student Office of Sustainability Commission director, introduced 65-R-20, a resolution that shows support for returning Indigenous land. The resolution passed with a vote of 24-0-2.

Loeffler also introduced resolution 65-R-21 to show support for the new Science and Health building to be carbon-neutral when constructed. The resolution passed with a vote of 23-1-2.

During announcements, Brenden Hicks, Student Organizations Commission director, said the commission will begin going through funding presentations for the organizations on campus on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

The meeting adjourned at 7:54 p.m. and will reconvene at 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 21 in the Woodland Theater instead of the Dakota Ballroom.

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