Police Blotter

A series of unfortunate events at UW-Eau Claire

McKenna Dirks

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3rd and Vine
April 5, 2022

Catch you on the flipside

An officer was conducting a building check at Hilltop Center on Feb. 24 when they came across a table in shambles on its side. 

The officer said it was located next to the stairwell that leads down to the hillside entrance to the building, lying there smashed down the middle with the frame cracked. Because of the way the table was flipped and damaged, the officer said they had reason to believe it was intentional. 

Although no one was caught for the damage of this table, the officer looked up the approximate value to be $295.

No further action was taken at the time.

Common sense or incense?

On the evening of Feb. 24, an officer was called to Sutherland Hall for a complaint of the smell of smoke in the hallway near room 106. 

Upon arrival at Sutherland Hall, the officer met with the complainant, a resident assistant, who said they received a phone call from a resident who had smelled marijuana on their floor. 

The resident assistant said they went to check out the smell, but could only smell something burnt coming from the room. 

The officer then made a visit to the alleged room where the smell was coming from and introduced themselves to a female who answered the door. 

The officer observed the smell to be incense, which the female confirmed was incense that she had been burning while studying. 

The officer said they didn’t feel it was necessary to search the room due to the lack of evidence of marijuana, so they let the residential assistant know what was happening and left the scene. 

Is there anybody out there?

A UW-Eau Claire student contacted the UW-Eau Claire Police Department on Feb. 25 regarding a dead vehicle battery in the Oakridge parking lot. 

When the officer arrived on scene, they observed the dead vehicle was surrounded by vehicles on all sides. 

The officer said they wrote down the license plates of the vehicles parked in a position that could assist in jumping the students’ vehicle. Using CampS, the officer located student information with similar last names and addresses to the registered owners of the vehicles. 

The officer said they attempted to contact each student and left a message. After not being able to locate anyone surrounding the vehicle in need of a jump, the police officer asked the student if they had Triple A assistance, to which they replied yes. 

The student said they no longer needed assistance and the officer cleared the scene.  

Campus elevators: the ultimate boobie traps

To nobody’s surprise, an elevator in Suites Hall malfunctioned on Feb. 27, leaving four students trapped near the second floor. 

When the officers approached the elevator door on the second floor, they said they could hear the sound of voices coming from inside the elevator. 

The officers said they traveled to the main elevator control room and cut the power off to the stuck elevator. When they came back to the elevator, they opened the door and discovered it was stuck between the second floor and third floor. 

The officers then called the Eau Claire Fire Department for assistance, as the security doors of the elevator would not open. 

After the ECFD got the doors opened, the police officers helped two females and two males out of the elevator, none of which were injured. 

The police officers advised the Suites Hall Director that they would need to schedule a repair with the elevator repair company. 

No further information was provided at the time. 

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