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University encourages flu virus and COVID-19 vaccination as temperatures drop


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The news column “COVID on campus” posts relevant COVID-19 news every week for UWEC students.

This week on the UW-Eau Claire campus, there has been one new COVID-19 case recorded from off-campus students at the university. 

As of 7:20 a.m. on Oct. 26, 265 tests have been taken on campus, with a 0.4% positive case return. This update shows a lower percentage number, compared to the previous week where the maximum positive case returns were 1.3% with four positive cases.

The percentage of students who uploaded a vaccination record has reached 81.4%, as of Oct. 26. The university is set to project a new goal for vaccination status amongst students, faculty, and staff, according to the university dashboard.

In the city of Eau Claire, the average report of daily COVID-19 cases is 49.4% as of 9 p.m. on Oct. 19, according to the City of Eau Claire Situation Report #114.

Eau Claire County currently has a total case rate of 15,246, with 346 new cases in the past seven days.

In Wisconsin, there are currently eight critically high counties with COVID-19 activity, as of Oct. 19. Eau Claire County and Chippewa County are both listed in the “very high” case category.

According to the COVID-19 Wisconsin Summary Data, the seven-day average of positive cases is 1,822.

This week in Eau Claire, temperatures dropped to an average of 30 to 50 degrees, according to WEAU news. 

In response to communities gathering indoors from the cooler temperatures, the City of Eau Claire encourages evaluating the ventilation setting when in a large group or gathering of unvaccinated peoples.

“Outbreaks continue to occur in a wide variety of settings, including long-term care, workplace, social gatherings, and schools,” the City of Eau Claire wrote. “Spread of disease is more likely when standard prevention measures (vaccination, masking, distance, testing, and isolation/quarantine) are not in place.”

Shay Jerabeck, a fourth-year graphic communications student, said she is concerned with more students gathering indoors while it is cold — especially when students need to eat or meet in groups between classes.

“Many professors don’t want us to eat or drink in class and students who have back-to-back classes are forced to scarf down a snack in 10 minutes or go without eating all day,” Jerabek said. “I think the administration should address these issues by giving us more time in between classes, as well as having more spaces for students to eat indoors.”

At the university, Student Health Services encourages students to complete their flu shot vaccination process, as this virus spreads during the cold months — in addition to the COVID-19 spread. 

Flu shots were available to students most recently, on Friday, Oct. 15 at the McPhee Physical Education Center, according to the UW-Eau Claire COVID-19 Flight Plan.

Call 715-836-5360 or visit the Student Health Services appointment page to schedule your next flu shot vaccination. The cost is $15 for students and $20 for faculty and staff.

Listed below are the upcoming time and dates provided by the SHS.

  • 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 1, Haas Fine Arts Lobby
  • 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 29, Haas Fine Arts Lobby

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