Student Senate passes bills recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Month and National Coming-Out Day

Dean of Students also addresses Senate about reporting misconduct on campus


LaRue Pierce, dean of students, spoke to Student Senate about the Office of the Dean of Students and the staff who work under him, as well as the processes of reporting misconduct. 

Pierce went over how students can make complaints and reports conduct violations. He said many of these complaints come from the Eau Claire Police Department as well as the UW-Eau Claire Police Department. 

Pierce made the point there is due process when a violation is made. First, there must be a complaint filed, the accused person must be made aware of this report and, finally, a hearing must take place. 

Pierce said because the code of conduct is passed by Wisconsin’s Congress, every university shares a code of conduct. 

Students can find the Student Code of Conduct here

The Senate then moved to pass Bill 64 R-4, a bill aimed to establish November as Indigenous Peoples’ Month.  

Senate passed the Bill 26-0-2, with only President Anna Ziebell and Vice President Joe Murphy voting to abstain.

Senate also voted on Bill 64 R-5, which would allow professors to use a “lockdown” browser, The browser would restrict students’ ability to look at other tabs, google websites, etc. while they take exams. The Senate passed this bill 26-0-2.

Finally, the body passed Bill 64 R-6 to officially support National Coming-Out Day. The Senate voted 27-0-2, passing the bill. 

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