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Stolen parking permit and marijuana in Murray

Dallas Crawford

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Stolen Parking Permit

At 5 p.m. on Oct. 1, an officer received an email regarding the theft of a UW-Eau Claire “R” parking permit and the need to fill out an incident report.

The officer noticed a Parking Permit Lost/Stolen Report had previously been filled out through the UW-Eau Claire Parking Office.

Through reading the report, the officer observed that the victim of the theft parked his vehicle in the Towers lot on Sept. 29. The victim said he left both the driver and front passenger windows open after he parked his vehicle.

Returning to the parked vehicle, the victim realized his parking permit had been stolen from the inside of his vehicle’s windshield. The victim reported his parking permit number.

At this time, there are no people under investigation for the theft of the parking permit.

There is no further information available at this time. 

Possession of Marijuana

At 10:17 p.m. on Sept. 30, an officer was dispatched to Murray Hall in regard to a complaint from a Resident Assistant of the odor of marijuana. Another officer accompanied in case of assistance. 

On arrival, the officer made contact with the RA. They reported the intense smell of burnt marijuana coming from a room on the third floor. They also reported noticing the odor roughly five minutes before the arrival of the officer. They were unaware of any other reports that had been made on the room before.

After speaking with the RA, the officers went to the third floor where, once in the area of the reported room, detected a strong scent of marijuana. The officer proceeded to knock on the door, and after which, they instantly heard “the shuffling of objects.”

Approximately 10 seconds from the knock, the door was opened by a male subject. The officer introduced himself and gave the reason for the visit. The subject then told the officer his name. The officer took notice of how red and glossy the subject’s eyes were.

Entering the room, the officer observed the odor of marijuana becoming much stronger. Within the room, there were two other subjects: a roommate and a friend.

The subject advised he had smoked on a bench near Murray Hall previously in the day. The subject went on to state neither one of the other subjects in the room was with him at that time.

After further questioning, the subject handed over his drug paraphernalia to the assisting officer. The officer reported an Evolve vape pen containing multiple cartridges and a wax-like substance in a container. The subject explained the wax was marijuana/THC that he smoked using his vape pen.

None of the subjects in the room gave consent for their items to be searched at that time.

Later, the subject agreed to participate in the Eau Claire County Diversion Program and signed an agreement form.

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