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This week was full of car crashes, fake IDs and malfunctioning elevators for the UW-Eau Claire Police Department

McKenna Dirks

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3rd and Vine
April 5, 2022

The irony of crashing into a parking vehicle

An officer was dispatched to Towers Lot regarding a crash between two vehicles, in response to a parking employee. 

The officer arrived on the scene to see a maroon UW-Eau Claire parking vehicle stopped in the traffic lane with damage to the front right bumper.

The other car was a brown sedan parked halfway into a parking space with back bumper damage. 

The officer approached both drivers, who both said they were not injured and did not need medical attention. 

The first driver said they were parked facing south in the lot and began to back out of the stall. They said their vehicle collided with the parking van. They said it was their fault and indicated they had been wearing a seatbelt. 

The officer then spoke to the other driver, who said they had been performing parking enforcement when they observed the sedan back out of the spot suddenly. They said they attempted to swerve, but struck the back end of the car.

The second driver said they had on a seatbelt and they had already contacted their UW-Eau Claire supervisor. 

Both of the drivers filled out written statements and the officer answered any questions they had. They then cleared the scene.

Not so lucky

An officer was conducting patrol along 600 University Drive when they observed a grey 2007 Saturn Vue enter Towers Circle through the exit and travel north.

The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver was identified by their valid driver’s license. In attempts to grab their drivers license, they removed and were trying to conceal a second identification card. 

The officer explained the reason for the traffic stop to the driver and they apologized. The officer told the driver they observed them trying to conceal what appeared to be a second driver’s license.

The officer asked the driver to turn over what they were trying to hide. They then gave the officer a Michigan driver’s license. 

The officer observed the photo on both licenses, in which they did match and resembled the driver in person. 

However, the date of birth differed on both: one of which made the driver 18, the other 21. 

The officer completed a warning for the observed traffic violation as well as a citation for ID card violation. 

The citation amount fined was $515.50, as well as a non-mandatory court date. 

The officer answered any questions the driver had and cleared the scene.

Stuck again

On the evening of Feb. 28, an officer was dispatched to Towers Hall South regarding an elevator malfunction. The communication center said elevator cart two had two occupants inside and was currently stuck in between the first and second floors. 

Upon arrival, the officer traveled to the first floor lobby of Towers Hall South and observed that the main indicator panel located above elevator cart two was flashing “SA.” The officer attempted to push the elevator call button to see if it would move, but the malfunction code kept blinking. 

The officer then went to the elevator control panel and turned off the main power of the elevator cart. The officer then traveled to the second floor and opened the door and observed two male subjects inside. 

The officer helped both males out of the elevator, in which both said the elevator had stopped after jolting several times. 

Both males said they did not sustain any injuries as a result of the elevator malfunctioning.

The officer answered any questions the subjects had and then cleared the scene.

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