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Tussles and intruders

Timothy Spierings

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The following information was obtained from the UW-Eau Claire Police Department records.

Towers Tussle

Two officers responded to an assault at Marilyn Karlgaard Tower Hall on May 11 around 9:58 p.m.

When Officer 1 arrived on scene, he met with a resident assistant from Towers.

The resident assistant pointed out Subject 1 as being involved in the fight that occurred near the elevators on the first floor standing with a female subject who was also involved but was not present at the assault.

Officer 2 saw that Subject 1 had a dried up bloody lip. Subject 1 said his lip injury was from playing basketball earlier.

The resident assistant then told Officer 2 where the other involved person was.

Officer 1 spoke to Subject 1 and asked him what was going on. Subject 1 said nothing was happening and he believed the police did not need to be involved.

Officer 1 told Subject 1 it was too late and the police were already involved, and it would go easier if he told Officer 1 what had happened.

Subject 1 said he had gotten in an argument with his friend in the elevator lobby. Officer 1 told Subject 1 the officers dispatched had been told that more than an argument had been happening.

Subject 1 said he didn’t want to say anything so his friend wouldn’t get in trouble. Officer 1 told Subject 1 the officers needed to gather the facts of the situation in order to leave.

Subject 1 then said he and his friend had shoved each other. Officer 1 asked him if that was all that happened and he responded that it was only pushing and had not gotten more physical.

Officer 1 asked Subject 1 what caused the altercation and the subject said it was over a locked door. When asked for more specifics, Subject 1 refused to give further detail.

Officer 1 told Subject 1 that because the officers were called to this incident they would need to find a resolution for it. Officer 1 spoke with Officer 2 and they agreed both parties involved should be diverted for disorderly conduct.

Officer 1 took Subject 1 to his squad car and completed the Eau Claire County Proxy form, where the subject scored a three. He informed Subject 1 that he was eligible for the Eau Claire County Diversion Program, which the Subject accepted.

Subject 1 chose a course date and had his questions answered by Officer 1. After that, Officer 1 cleared the scene.

While Officer 1 spoke to Subject 1, Officer 2 went to the other involved party in the assault, a male subject on the eigth floor who was with another resident assistant.

Officer 2 went to the eigth floor and located Subject 3 and spoke with him in the lobby. He observed that Subject 3’s left knee was scraped and dirty, and asked him to explain what happened.

Subject 3 said he and Subject 1 were friends and that they were hanging out in a mutual friend’s room on the eigth floor.

He explained that Subject 1 had left for a while and he did not know where he went.

Subject 3 said he was exchanging messages with Subject 2, who also lives on the eigth floor of Towers. He claimed that Subject 2 asked him to come to her room.

Subject 3 went to Subject 2’s room and entered, saying he saw Subjects 1 and 2 together with their clothes off.

Subject 1 said Subject 2 wanted him to join them. Subject 3 said he was not into that and said he began “screaming” at them.

Subject 3 said the other two had put on clothes at that point, after which Subjects 1 and 3 began shoving each other in the room.

Subject 3 said they then agreed to go outside and rode the elevator down to the first floor without fighting or saying anything to each other in the elevator.

Subject 3 said they then went outside and he began yelling again. He said they shoved each other and grappled. At that point, Subject 3 said, a resident assistant intervened.

Officer 2 asked Subject 3 if he hit or kicked Subject 1 at all, which he stated he did not. Officer 1 also asked if he was injured, which Subject 3 said he wasn’t.

Subject 3 then said he knew what he did was wrong and that he should have just left the room instead. Officer 2 asked him if there would be any further issues tonight, which garnered a negative response.

Subject 3 said he had never been arrested or diverted, which was backed up by the Communication Center, as he had no wants and was not on probation.

Officer 2 escorted Subject 3 to his patrol car and read the Eau Claire County Diversion program to him. Subject 3 agreed to participate in the program and signed the necessary forms and chose a diversion course date.

Officer 2 then told Subject 3 he was free to leave.

Chivalrous Cop

An officer was conducting a patrol westbound along the Water St. bridge on May 9 at 2:03 a.m.

The officer observed a female subject traveling eastbound along the bridge. She appeared to be stumbling and having a difficult time walking.

The officer turned around to ensure that the subject was okay. He watched her run into the bushes and shrubs along the sidewalk and stagger as she continued on.

The officer made contact with the subject and asked if she was okay. The subject said she was just leaving from the bars and was making her way home.

The subject said she lived nearby and wasn’t too far from home. The officer informed her that he was concerned for her safety and wanted to make sure she made it back home safe.

While speaking with the subject, the officer observed that her speech was slurred and he detected a heavy odor of intoxicants coming from her breath.

The subject was able to answer the officer’s basic questions.

The officer conducted a records check on the subject, who did not have any warrants, open cases, and was not on probation.

The officer again told the subject that he wanted to make sure she got home safely and that he would give her a ride to her residence.

He conducted a pat down search of the subject for weapons and did not find anything. He then placed the subject in the rear passenger seat of his squad car.

The officer transported the subject to her residence and then cleared.

Potential intrusion in Haas

An officer was dispatched to Haas Fine Arts Center by the Communications Center on Sunday, May 13 at 1:29 p.m. for a check persons investigation.

The officer was told an anonymous female had reported a homeless male being in the lobby of the building.

This anonymous female said she had seen the subject in the building on Saturday evening, and again on Sunday morning.

The Communications Center said the female believed the subject had stayed in the building overnight. The officer responded to the building, with an Eau Claire Police Department officer assisting on the case.

The officer arrived at Haas and the ECPD officer had located the subject in the large lobby of the music wing. The officer introduced himself and spoke with the subject.

The officer asked the subject about his presence in the lobby and asked if he had spent the night within the building. The subject said that he had not stayed overnight.

The subject said he left the building around 7 p.m. on Saturday evening and that he had returned to the building at around 9 a.m. that morning.

The subject said that he is homeless and that he had been staying at the Sojourner House, stating he had stayed there Saturday night.

The officer spoke with the subject about the ordinance prohibiting staying in buildings after closing hours and asked him if he was aware of other assistance in the area.

The subject said he was aware and that the community assistance has been helpful for him. The officer asked what he planned on doing the rest of the day and the subject responded that he would leave the building.

The two then walked out of the building and the subject walked north towards 1st Ave. The officer noted that the subject was very cooperative during the contact.

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