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Madeline Fuerstenberg

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November 2, 2020

(Editor’s note: Old News is a biweekly column featuring articles in The Spectator from the past. These are brief summaries of past articles.)

This week …

Twenty years ago – May 3, 1999 Issue

‘Dorms still secure despite incident’

An incident involving an intruder in the women’s bathroom in Towers South has left some residents questioning the safety of living in the dorms.

On the morning of April 21, a female resident on the fifth floor was taking a shower when she turned to see a man holding the shower curtain open and masturbating. The resident charged and hit the man, who promptly ran away.

For some, this incident illustrates perceived insufficient security in campus housing.

Terra Nicklas, a first-year resident of the fifth floor of Towers South, said even though a combination lock has been placed on the bathroom door, some of the women in her wing feel unsafe.

“There are some girls who are afraid to even (use the bathroom),” Nicklas said.

Jodi Thesing-Ritter, the hall director for Towers North, said the incident will be referred to the Safety and Security Task Force, who will look at possible ways to reduce the likelihood of similar occurrences.

Thesing-Ritter said there are things residents can do to reduce the chance of intruders entering the building.

“Whenever someone doesn’t look familiar, stop and say ‘Can I help you?’” she said. “If they give you a strange or unbelievable story, you can escort them to the door.”

Thesing-Ritter said she doesn’t believe inadequate security was to blame for the incident on the fifth floor.

“The same thing could happen at home,” she said. “How many times do you lock your door before going to take a shower or bath?”

Thesing-Ritter said she actually feels safer living in the dorms than she would in a house.

Forty years ago – May 3, 1979 Issue

‘Graduates pay for the ceremony whether they show or not’

After paying approximately $8,000 for their education, UW-Eau Claire seniors still have to pay $12 to graduate from the university.

The $12 fee finances diplomas, programs, commencement speaker costs, food and ushers, said Bob Saigo, administrative assistant to the chancellor.

Regardless of whether or not a student attends commencement, they all have to pay the fee, Saigo said.

The cap and gown sets, purchased at the university bookstore for $8.50, include the cap, gown, tassel and extra collar for the women.

Sixty years ago – May 7, 1959 Issue

‘Donor gives 600 stuffed birds to college biology department’

A collection of nearly 600 stuffed birds, mostly from the lower Chippewa Valley, and a large collection of bird’s eggs have been donated to Wisconsin State College at Eau Claire.

The collection represents more than 50 years of collecting, stuffing and exchanging stuffed birds and bird eggs by the former J.N. Clark of Rock Falls.

It is rated the best collection in the U.S. of Chippewa Valley birds, and, with the exception of the University of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Public Museum, the best collection of all types of birds in the state.

Although not all of the birds can be displayed due to limited space in the present biology department, a more complete display, possibly including habitat displays, will be made possible when the new science building is erected.

The collection will be open to anyone who cares to view it.

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