Branden Yates and Maddie Forrest sworn into office

Senate passes bill to amend the Communication Commission bylaws

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Photo by Lindsey Ambrosius

Branden Yates and Maddie Forrest took the oath of office at Monday’s Student Senate meeting.

Student Body President-elect Branden Yates and Student Body Vice President-elect Maddie Forrest were sworn into office at Monday’s Student Senate general meeting.

Former President Katy McGarry and former Vice President Nick Webber gave their closing remarks before Yates and Forrest officially took office.

Amendments to the Communication Commission bylaws

Senate passed a bill to amend the Communication Commission bylaws.

Amanda Thao, the communications director, said the amendments cut the web coordinator position and changed the events intern to be a general communications intern to “streamline workflow.” The amendments also increase the workload to accommodate The Hub.

Special Allocation to Pi Sigma Epsilon

Senate passed a special allocation bill of $1,928.63 to Pi Sigma Epsilon, a fraternity for marketing and sales students, after the organization incurred unexpected costs during its recent trip to San Diego, Calif.

The rules were suspended in order to vote on the bill Monday evening.

During attendance at the national conference and competition in San Diego, the attending members of Pi Sigma Epsilon became stranded due to weather conditions. The extra cost of $3,857.26 incurred by the organization for three extra hotel nights was not covered under the travel insurance.

Senator Austin Northagen spoke in support of the bill, saying the organization eliminated all of their options before coming to Senate to cover half of the incurred costs.

“Student dollars are supposed to be used for the students, and this is a very nontraditional, exemplary situation I see for this organization,” Northagen said. “So I feel like one of the best things we could do for as part of Student Senate and for organizations is support them when they’re on their last leg.”

Other news:

  • Commission directors will be appointed at next week’s meeting.