Student Senate approves eight new organizations

Women’s Soccer Club, longboarding club to join list of campus organizations

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Photo by Kar Wei Cheng

Student Senate approved new organizations including Women’s Soccer Club, Fashion Revolution, Vida Volunteer Club and more at Monday evening’s meeting.

Student Senate approved eight new organizations at Monday’s meeting, adding them to the list of campus organizations.

The new organizations were first approved by the Campus Affairs Commission and then introduced before the Senate body to be voted on. They were introduced by Hunter Clark, the campus affairs director.

The new organizations are:

         Blugold Boarding Club — a club for students who enjoy longboarding

         Data Analytics Association — a club for students to learn more about fields with data

         Fashion Revolution — a club where students can express their creativity in the world of fashion

         Military Science and Leadership Club — a club to train and develop adaptive, agile leaders for the world of success

         Women’s Soccer Club

         Adventure Club — creating friendships by participating in outdoor activities

         Vida Volunteer Club — A volunteer organization

         Mens Golf Club

The approval of the organizations passed in a placard vote.