Student Senate suspends indefinitely special allocation bill to Delta Tau Delta

Delta Tau Delta cancels fundraising event

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Photo by Amanda Thao

The Senate’s meeting didn’t have any new business on the agenda and passed a motion to suspend indefinitely a special allocation bill to Delta Tau Delta.

Student Senate voted to table indefinitely the special allocation bill to Delta Tau Delta (DTD) that would have allocated the organization money for a fundraising event.

On Monday evening, the 61st session of Senate voted to suspend indefinitely the bill through a placard vote which passed 23-0-2.

“I was informed by this organization that this event is no longer taking place,” Chief of Staff Katy McGarry said. “Therefore I would move to table this indefinitely as they do not need the money.”

The special allocation was to be for DTD’s second Dodging for Diabetes Tournament which would have raised money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), an organization that funds Type 1 Diabetes research.

Off-campus senator Ryan Ring said the organization didn’t have enough sponsors to move forward with the event, therefore it will no longer be taking place.

Eau Claire City Council held a public hearing during the same time as the Senate meeting on proposed changes to the city ordinance regarding housing, which Intergovernmental Affairs Director Nick Webber and a few other senators attended.