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An injured deer, smell of marijuana in Putnam Hall, and a stolen parking permit


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Story by Anne Sandell, Chief Copy Editor

The little deer that could

Campus police dealt with an injured deer on Putnam Drive on Nov. 16.

At around 7:23 p.m. campus police were dispatched to an injured deer on Putnam Drive between the State Street tunnel and the wooded McPhee Center stairs.

The subject who found the deer was on scene and advised the officer the deer needed to be killed and he wanted to take the carcass home afterward.

Campus police arrived on scene and located the small antlerless deer with one of its front legs clearly broken. It appeared the deer had been hit by a vehicle and was lying off the roadway about 15 feet in some brush.

As the officer walked closer to the deer, it jumped up and began running away. The deer bedded down again but each time the officer would get close, it would run off.

According to the report, the deer was still able to run “fairly well” with the injured leg.

After it ran off the third time, the officer was unable to locate it in the park and left the scene.

A cold one a day keeps the doctor away (but the cops to stay)

Officers investigated reports of the odor of marijuana last Monday, Nov. 21, only to find a few cans of Milwaukee’s Best and Burnetts Strawberry.

At around  9:33 p.m. campus police were dispatched to Putnam Hall after a complainant reported the odor of marijuana coming from one of the floors.

Making contact with the complainant and a resident assistant, they advised the officer while they performed rounds, two male subjects walked out of one door room and into another. When they left the room, the complainant said they could detect the odor of marijuana coming from the room.

Another officer arrived on scene to assist and the two went to the floor in question. The officers did not detect the odor of marijuana outside the room the subjects entered but detected the odor outside of the dorm room they exited.

Campus police knocked on the door to the room and a male subject opened the door, who told them he lived in the room and gave the officers consent to enter.

The officers observed there was a towel rolled up underneath the bottom of the door, which the subject removed before allowing the police to enter his room.

Campus police explained they received reports of the marijuana odor coming from his room and also detected it themselves. The officers requested honesty and cooperation from the subject, asking if he had recently smoked marijuana in the room or elsewhere.

The subject told them he had not and stated he was sick. According to the report, campus police observed several Kleenexes and cough medicine by his computer.

The officers asked the subject why there was a towel rolled up underneath the door, and the subject stated he did not know why and it was his roommate’s. The subject told officers he did not believe his roommate recently smoked marijuana in the room or elsewhere, and he had left 30 minutes prior with a friend to work out.

The subject told officers he did not believe they would have smoked marijuana before going to work out.

Campus police asked the subject if he had any marijuana or illegal items within the room, to which he told police he did not and gave them consent to search his items to confirm this.

The officers conducted a search of the subjects belongings and located three cans of Milwaukee’s Best beer inside the shared refrigerator and an approximately ⅓ full bottle of Burnett’s Strawberry vodka in an ottoman. Nothing else of interest was located.

The police answered the subject’s questions then accompanied him to dispose of the alcohol in a custodial closet in their presence.

Campus police made no contact with the two subjects that had vacated the room.

The Parking Permit Bandit

A student chose to enter the Eau Claire County Diversion program on Friday Nov. 18 after stealing a parking permit from a student’s unlocked vehicle.

On Nov. 17 campus police received a call from the coordinator of the UW-Eau Claire parking office. She stated a subject had come into their office Nov. 15 to report his parking permit stolen.

He believed it was stolen Nov. 13 and was required to pay $15 to replace his permit.

The coordinator stated a parking employee had just found the parking permit in another vehicle parked in Towers Lot and had placed a parking ticket on the vehicle for permit fraud.

The officer drove to Towers Lot and observed the car parked in one of the rows. The permit number on the inside driver’s side of the front windshield matched the reported stolen permit.

Campus police determined the registry of the vehicle and located the owner of the vehicle, whose daughter was in the UW-Eau Claire student records. The officer contacted the parking coordinator to see if she had issued this student a permit, which she informed him she had not.

The officer went to the subject’s dorm to contact her, but did not receive an answer after knocking on her door and cleared the scene.

On Nov. 18, campus police performed a follow up on the case, checking the Towers Lot to determine if the subject’s vehicle was still on campus. The officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

At around 8:38 a.m. campus police proceeded to the subject’s dorm room. Upon knocking on the door, the subject’s roommate answered and informed the officer the subject was sleeping. He advised the roommate he needed to speak with her.

The subject then woke up and requested a few minutes to get dressed. The officer closed the door and waited.

A few minutes later, the subject opened the door and provided the officer with consent to enter the room. The subject appeared to understand why campus police was there to speak with her. She advised the officer she had already paid the parking ticket and moved her car to the HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital lot.

Upon asking the subject how she obtained the permit, she first told the officer she got it from a friend who was no longer enrolled at Eau Claire. When campus police asked her friend’s name, the subject replied she did not know.

The officer informed the subject that Eau Claire parking permits have a pro-rated refund policy, so he did not understand why someone would give it away versus getting nearly a $183 refund.

The subject then said she and some friends took this permit as a joke and used the phrase “for shits and giggles.”

Campus police told  the subject that he did not understand the humor in obtaining and using a parking permit in a fraudulent manner, which is when the subject admitted to stealing the permit from an unlocked vehicle while alone.

The subject agreed to meet the officer at her vehicle so the officer could retrieve the stolen permit.

About 20 minutes later, the subject arrived and gave the officer the permit. The officer explained the enforcement options to the subject and the Eau Claire County Diversion program, in which the subject agreed to participate.

Campus police then returned the stolen parking permit to the parking coordinator and gave her an update on the case.