UW-Eau Claire crowns homecoming royalty

University recognizes candidates from Greek life and Women’s Concert Chorale


Photo by Kelsey Smith

Ellie Davis and Curtis Guhl were crowned homecoming royalty on Friday.

Although homecoming week is over, take a moment to meet the Blugolds that were crowned homecoming royalty on Friday.

Ellie Davis

Ellie Davis, vice president of Women’s Concert Chorale (WOCO), was looking forward to a restful week, saying that she spent more time campaigning than sleeping this past week. Nonetheless, she was happy to be chosen as homecoming royalty.

“I am really just glad to represent Women’s Concert Chorale and get our name out there,” Davis said. “It’s definitely us winning, not just me.” Davis has been involved with WOCO for four years.

Although she is passionate about music, Davis is also working toward a degree in elementary education and Spanish education. Following her graduation from UW-Eau Claire, Davis said she would love to teach at a full immersion school, where English-speaking children are taught in Spanish.

In the spring of 2015, Davis took the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica. Davis said she lived with a host family, and the environment forced her to become fluent. It was easier to practice outside of an academic setting, without being worried about being correct, she said.

Davis is involved with a number of other groups on campus, including the Lutheran Student Association and Aspiring Educators — a group which allows education students to work on professional development.

Senior Ilaina Smith agreed that Davis made the perfect candidate for homecoming royalty. She also appreciated the chance to spread the word about WOCO. Smith said she was highly involved with the campaign, whether it be posting on social media or labeling candy.

“Part of the reason WOCO participates in homecoming is to bring unity within our organization and the community of UWEC,” Smith said, “and I believe Ellie fully embraced that expectation.”

Curtis Guhl

Although Curtis Guhl hadn’t always imagined himself joining a fraternity, he said that getting involved with Greek life at Eau Claire has been one of the best choices he made. Since his freshman year, Guhl has been involved with Greek life and his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta.

“I definitely have made myself known in the Greek community, so doing homecoming was kind of an easy choice for me,” Guhl said. “It’s always fun to represent the Greeks in a good way.”

Guhl, who is pursuing a history major and topical minor in student affairs, said that he has served a number of roles within the Greek community, including the Interfraternity Council (IFC), the body governing the three men’s fraternities on campus.

Delta Tau Delta is a relatively new fraternity on campus, Guhl said, and they do a lot of work within the community, such as their work with the Bolton Refuge House, a shelter for domestic violence and sexual assault victims. The fraternity’s involvement was a big reason why he joined.

His involvement with Greek life may continue following graduation, Guhl said. After leaving Eau Claire, Guhl is thinking about working in higher education, perhaps in an activities and involvement office or as a Greek advisor.

Senior Emily Powers is the social chair for the Panhellenic Council within the Greek community, which assists with all aspects of homecoming. Powers said that Guhl’s campaign was fun, including events like ‘pie your candidate.’

Guhl, Powers said, is a positive force on campus who is never afraid to help out.

“Curits is a super outgoing and great person,” Powers said. “He is a great example of what the Greek community is and what we stand for.”