Police Blotter

UW-Eau Claire campus police responded to a variety of reports the first week back to school


What’s my name again?

Campus police issued a first offense underage alcohol consumption citation to a female subject near the Human Sciences and Services Hall parking lot early Monday morning.

At approximately 1:39 a.m., a bicycle patrol officer was patrolling the lot when the officer noticed a female who appeared to be urinating in the bushes.

The subject was seen leaving the bushes adjusting her pants, laughing and running to catch up with two other females who accompanied her.

When the officer asked why the subject had urinated in the bushes, she explained she “really had to go to the bathroom.”

As the officer and the subject conversed, the officer detected a slight odor of intoxicants coming from the subject. The subject confessed to drinking. She said she began consuming alcohol in the resident halls before a house party around 7 p.m., stopping at 7:45 p.m.

While talking with the subject, another officer arrived on site to assist. The officer performed a preliminary breath test, and the subject scored a result of .04.

During the stop, the officer discovered the name the subject had given was not on file. The officer asked the subject to confirm her name and date of birth again, and she reconfirmed the original name she had given.

Double-checking the information given, officers obtained the name of a different individual with a similar date of birth, on file.

Observing an ID card outline in the subject’s pocket, the second responding officer requested the subject hand over the card. Upon presenting the ID to the officers, the officers discovered the subject’s ID matched the name of the individual they had found on file, not the identity that she originally had stated.

The two other females that accompanied the subject confirmed that the name on the ID card was accurate.

The officer chose to issue the subject a first-offense underage drinking citation rather than citing the subject for deposit of human waste and giving false information to officers.


Trouble on Putnam Rock

A student chose to enter a diversion program after campus police discovered him smoking marijuana on Putnam Rock on Aug. 28 at 11:21 p.m.

The officer was conducting foot patrol in Putnam Park and spotted three male subjects conversing out on Putnam Rock. The subject was seen lighting an object in his hand, picking up a plastic bottle, and blowing smoke into it.

According to the police report, the officer overheard the three male subjects discussing “bongs.”

According to campus police reports, the subjects left the rock and began walking towards the area of the officer, when the officer then made contact with them. The officer reported detecting a strong odor of marijuana from the group.

The officer requested the subject in question hand over the empty plastic Powerade bottle he was holding, and he complied. The officer, after detecting a strong odor of marijuana coming from the bottle, requested the subject hand over all illegal items on his presence. The subject complied, handing over a silver grinder.

When the responding officers asked if they had any prior contact with law enforcement for marijuana, all three subjects said they had not. Two subjects stated they had not consumed marijuana.

Stepping forward, the subject in question reported all of the marijuana and illegal items were his, while the officer noticed he had glossy red and bloodshot eyes and detected an odor of an intoxicating beverage.

The subject complied with campus police giving them consent to search his bag, advising the officers the bag contained alcohol and a pipe inside a water bottle.

Upon opening the backpack, the officer discovered a blue water bottle with a glass pipe, a black vaporizer with leafy green plant material inside, Wiz Khalifa rolling papers, a red and black CRAFTSMAN tool with leafy green plant material on it, a white plastic cap with a silver pipe protruding from it and the top of a grinder.

The officer explained the Eau Claire County Diversion Program, which gives first time drug offenders who are at low risk to offend again a chance to participate in a diversion program in place of arrest or citation to keep the arrest off their record, and the subject agreed to take the course.

According to UW-Eau Claire Police reports, the male subject was compliant and “very upset with himself and his actions”.


Dracula? Is that you?

Campus police responded to a report of a bat contained in a Towers Hall North dorm room at 10:33 p.m. Aug. 29.

Upon the officer’s arrival, the resident assistant who called campus police described the bats’ whereabouts in the dorm room before closing the door. The officers entered the room armed with a box.

The officers successfully captured the bat in a cardboard box and escorted it from the building.

The bat disappeared into the night after officers released it at the tree line of the Garfield Avenue hill.