College of Business dean announces retirement

Diane Hoadley will leave the university after six years as dean

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Photo by Thomas Henson

AN UNFAMILIAR FACE: A new college of business dean will be found through this door next semester after current dean Diane Hoadley retires June 30.

The College of Business will have its hands full finding a worthy replacement for current Dean Diane Hoadley, who was praised for her accomplishments at UW-Eau Claire after she announced her retirement on April 25.

Hoadley, who has been at the helm of the College of Business since fall 2010, is stepping down for family reasons, Assistant Dean Gretchen Hutterli said. Although she is leaving the university, Hutterli said Hoadley plans to remain active in the Eau Claire community.

“We’re sad to see her go,” Hutterli said, “but we’re excited for her because we know she has a lot of ideas (for the community).”
Hutterli said Hoadley was proud of her work to “revitalize” the entrepreneurship program. One way Hoadley plans to continue working with the community is by getting more involved with local entrepreneurs.

During her time as dean, Hoadley also fought to improve the COB by reaffirming its accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Businesses, according to the college’s website. In addition, the website states she “formalized its mission, vision statement and learning goals.”

Trey Newton, a junior marketing analytics student, said Hoadley has worked hard not just for the college in general but on behalf of its students as well.

“(Hoadley) has actually helped do good things for the campus,” Newton said. “She hasn’t been a dean that just sits there and no one really knows.”

Hoadley created the Center for Advising, Development and Enrichment, a program which offers COB students professional advising. She gave students a bigger voice by implementing the Student Advisory Council and helped students with professional development by collecting funds to allow students to participate in competitions across the U.S. and Canada.

Although Hoadley’s official retirement won’t be until June 30, the COB will have to find her replacement soon. Hutterli said an interim dean will most likely be appointed for a year to allow for a more permanent solution.

Newton said he hopes the university finds someone who can continue to be progressive with the college in the same way Hoadley was.
“A lot of times when you bring new people in they always want to change everything up,” Newton said, “but that doesn’t always lead to something good.”

At the very least, Newton said he wants a dean who can help the COB continue to offer the same valuable education and experiences it currently does.

Students and faculty will have to see if Hoadley’s replacement can live up to her legacy.