Police Blotter

Five total drug cases

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A scent in Sutherland

A resident assistant called in a complaint after detecting the scent of marijuana around 10:30 p.m. on April 4 in Sutherland Hall.

University Police detected the odor coming from the third floor. When they approached the room the officer could hear a male and female voice inside, according to the report.

The officer knocked on the door and the female subject answered and said she lived there but hesitated when the officer asked to enter. After the officer asked again she granted consent.

The officer could detect the odor upon entry, according to the report. Both suspects had glossy eyes and dilated pupils and appeared nervous and fidgety.

The officer asked for their cooperation, but both of the subjects did not answer. The female said they did not smoke in the room. She stalled and said there was nothing illegal in the room. She said she had been with people all night, according to the report.

The subject said they had been with a group of friends who had been smoking, but she didn’t know their names because they had just met them.

After questioning the male subject he admitted to smoking marijuana off campus. He is on bond for an OWI-restricted controlled substance and an open forfeiture for possession of THC. The female subject then admitted guilt and was given a citation.


Bond of Silence

University Police responded to a resident assistant’s complaint about a marijuana scent in Chancellors Hall around 10 p.m. on April 5, according to the report.

When the officer approached a nearby door the smell became stronger. He asked two males who exited the apartment if he could enter to talk, so they let him in.

The officer noticed a bedroom door was open and a towel was on the floor outside, according to the report.

He walked to the open door and observed smoke in the room and detected a strong odor of marijuana. He saw an opened window and a second towel on the floor.

He spoke individually with two occupants who said they had not been smoking inside the room but were playing video games.

The officer spoke to the entire group and asked who resided in the room. Two subjects said it belonged to a roommate who was not present, according to the report.

The officer asked how the marijuana had been smoked and one male said they had smoked a blunt. After the officer asked where it was, the male suspect said it was gone and it belonged to him.

Later it was discovered the room belonged to one of the men. He agreed to the Diversion Program.