Police Blotter

Joints and Traffic Stops

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Need for speed

University Police stopped a 4-door Chevrolet around 10 p.m. on March 18 on University Avenue. While approaching an intersection the car did not stop for a stop sign. The vehicle continued through the intersection without slowing down, according to police reports.

The officer estimated the car was traveling through the intersection at 10-15 mph.

Once the traffic stop was conducted, the driver appeared to be very uninterested in speaking to the officer, according to the reports. He said he lived on lower campus and never drives “up here.” He said he did not see either stop signs because he was talking on the phone and wasn’t paying attention.

The officer issued a citation.


Strong odor

A resident assistant in Governors Hall detected the odor of marijuana around 11 p.m. March 23 coming from the north side of the first floor, according to the reports.

The University Police arrived and smelled the odor near the women’s restroom on the first floor. The two police continued northbound down the hallway. A nearby room was detected as having a slight odor to it.

Movement was heard inside of the room and a draft was felt coming from inside, according the report.

A female subject opened the door when the officer knocked. She said she lived in the room and gave the officers permission to enter, where it was observed she was alone.

When asked if she recently smoked marijuana in her room the girl said she hadn’t. However, she said she did have cannabis in her room and pointed toward a plastic bag on the floor.

The suspect said she last smoked it around 9 p.m. outside Governors Hall. Later, she confessed she had smoked near the window in her room because it was snowing outside.

During a search of the room police found four bottles of alcohol and more marijuana paraphernalia.

The subject took a Proxy test and scored a three, which is a medium risk for reoffending.

She said she wanted to participate in the Diversion Program.