Police Blotter

University Police responded to traffic stop, underage drinking and illegal drug use over the weekend

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Bloodshot eyes

While patrolling Garfield Avenue, a campus police observed two subjects sparking a lighter while sitting on a bench in Putnam Park Friday Feb. 19, according to the report. One of the subjects put something in her jacket pocket when she saw the officer approach. He introduced himself and could detect a strong odor of burning marijuana coming from the two.

The officer asked the suspect to hand over what she had put in her pocket. She pulled out a gold and black glass pipe with marijuana in it. The officer noticed a jar filled with marijuana on the bench. He confiscated the mason jar and the pipe.

Both of them had glassy, bloodshot eyes, according to the report. Both subjects admitted to smoking the drug.

One of them was cited for use and possession of marijuana and agreed to the diversion program.

Lingering in the night

The University Police were conducting an active patrol along Towers Circle when a maroon van was detected to be parked in the metered area with the lights on around 2 a.m. on Monday Feb. 22. The vehicle’s registration was expired, according to the report.

Two hours later, the same vehicle was still parked in the metered lot with its lights on. As the officer approached Towers Circle the vehicle slowly drove through the parking lot and onto the service road.

A traffic stop was performed on the vehicle, revealing a driver and passenger. While the officer tried to explain the situation the subject began to yell and she was very upset, according to the report.

The suspect said she had been parked in Towers Circle for an extended period of time because her daughter had been having a rough night and they had begun discussing it. The subject said she was driving slow because she was not familiar with the campus. She said she was unaware the vehicle’s registration was expired.

As she was cited for expired registration, she began raising her voice and said it had been the worst day of her life. She said she was attempting to help her daughter, the passenger, because she was feeling suicidal, according to the report.

When the officer asked the passenger if there was anything he could do to help, the suspect interrupted and said she was a doctor and could handle the situation herself.

The subject then said the officer had only pulled her over because she was driving a “junky car.” She began raising her voice and arguing with the officer about the citation. Multiple times the passenger requested that her mother calm down and quit yelling.

The officer told the girl there were resources available on campus as well as hospitals in Eau Claire she could utilize if she needed to.

After the officer excused them, student records confirmed the younger passenger was a student resident at the University, according to the report.

Underage drinking

A male subject was found vomiting outside Towers Hall after 2 a.m. on Saturday Feb. 20. Another male suspect assisted the other subject in walking towards the residence hall.

When the officer asked if he was alright, the subject said he had had too much to drink, but said he felt better after vomiting outside. The two of them said they were students at St. John’s University (Minn.) and were in town visiting a friend who lived on campus.

As the suspect who had vomited earlier was talking, an odor of intoxicants was detected coming from him. His eyes were observed as glossy and bloodshot in appearance, according to the report.

The officer asked how much alcohol he had consumed and he said he had a “few” mixed vodka drinks.

The officer requested the subject submit to a preliminary breath test. The test resulted in a .14.

A citation for underage drinking was issued. The other subject, who assisted in helping the other walk earlier, said he would be staying with him and would monitor him for the night.