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UW-Eau Claire Police responded to five total drug cases and one invalid license driver this week

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A Governors Hall resident assistant contacted University Police at 10:28 p.m. Friday with a complaint about the scent of marijuana.
The officer determined the odor was coming from a woman’s room.

The girl said she had been with people who used marijuana and the scent might be on her clothing, according to the police report.

The officer asked if she had any marijuana in her room. She said there was but she had not used the marijuana in the room. During the search of the suspect’s room the officer found a glass pipe, a metal grinder, a large glass bong and a plastic bag containing green plant material.

The girl said she had been in a car accident earlier and that is why the drugs were in her room and not in her vehicle, according to the report.

They gave her a verbal warning for having a lit candle and cited her with illegal possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. She chose to participate in the diversion program.

Driver’s license fraud

Around 11:24 p.m. on Jan. 21, the University Police picked up a man with an invalid driver’s license. He was driving a green Toyota Prius.

During the man’s attempt to remove his license from his wallet, officers noticed he was also concealing another license from his wallet by placing it between the driver’s seat and the center console, according to the report.

The officer asked the man to hand over the license he had between the seat and the console. He handed the officer a license in the name of another person. According to the report, he claimed it belonged to a friend.

The officers issued a citation for possession of someone else’s driver’s license after the man failed to state the correct name on the license.

Caught red-handed

University Police was contacted at 8:52 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 23 for the scent of marijuana on the fourth floor of Governors Hall.

The attending officer did not detect the odor of marijuana but heard female voices talking about consuming alcohol, according to the report.

He entered the room after consent was granted and told the women he heard them speaking about alcohol consumption.

The officer asked one of the women if they had marijuana. She said she didn’t, according to the report. He then asked if she had any alcohol in the room. The women admitted they did and said they would dispose of the alcohol. They were not cited.

One of the female suspects told the officer she filled up the bottle while at her parent’s house before returning to Eau Claire and there was no more alcohol in the room. The women disposed the alcohol down the drain, according to the report.

Hiding evidence

At 6:25 p.m. on Jan. 22, police picked up a man in a Pontiac Grand Prix in the Towers parking lot for reasonable suspicion of marijuana possession.

An officer observed a vehicle parked near the middle of the lot and saw the taillights were activated and exhaust was coming out of the muffler, according to the report.

The officer watched for five minutes while no one entered or exited the vehicle. The officer observed multiple lighter flicks consistent with individuals lighting a pipe for marijuana use, according to the report.

The officer approached the vehicle and saw none of the windows were rolled down. The officer observed two men in the vehicle. The officer knocked on a window and one subject attempted to hide items between his legs, according to the report. The officer requested he roll down the window and immediately detected a strong odor of marijuana.

The officer instructed the man to hand him the items he tried to hide between his legs. One of the subjects handed him a plastic container that contained multiple pipes, a metal grinder and a small plastic bag containing green plant material. The officer searched the owner of the vehicle and didn’t find any illegal items.

The officer said he and the other subject had been in the vehicle for 30 minutes. According to the report, the man said he was “high” and had probably smoked from the pipe at least three times while in the car.

During the officer’s search of the vehicle he found a camera case on top of the back seat. The suspect’s vehicle had a hard plastic container containing a glass jar, multiple plastic bags, an Altoids breath mint tin, and a black metal grinder.

The officer took all of these items. The subjects were cooperative during contact, according to the report. They decided to participate in the diversion program.