Police Blotter


Story by Glen Olson, Staff Writer

UW-Eau Claire was ranked 13th of the nation for on-campus drug arrests in a rehabs.com study, with data taken from 2011 arrest records.

In an interview with Eau Claire’s WEAU tv, UWEC dean of students Joe Abhold said the report isn’t accurate because it included both citations and arrests, but reflected the vigilant enforcement by police.

In the past week there were over five drug related incidents or citations on campus, here are the details on some of them.

Two days, no results

Wednesday, Nov. 5 – At 9:35 p.m., police officers responded to a call from a resident assistant in Horan Hall about a smell of marijuana. Police confirmed there was a smell and knocked, but there wasn’t an answer and they eventually left, according to the report.

They returned at 11:45 p.m. Nov. 7 to see if anyone was there, and one of the room’s occupants answered the door. The student said they had been told there was a smell around that area, but didn’t know where it was. Both were gone at the time of the initial contact and had sources to confirm it.

Both students were then present and allowed police to search their desks, possessions and backpacks, which turned up a glass pipe and tobacco. The police left without citing anyone.

Case of the misplaced vape

Wednesday, Nov. 5 – Police responded at 10:23 p.m. to a call from a Putnam Hall resident assistant who said he smelled marijuana. Police smelled around and confirmed it was from a specific room.

When they knocked, officers heard coughing, and it took around 15 seconds for the student to answer the door, according to the police report.

Police told the student cooperation would be appreciated, and the student gave them a small pipe, a grinder and a jar full of “plant material,” the report stated.

The student told police he also had a vaporizer, but couldn’t find it and gave the police permission to search. They couldn’t find it either. Then the student found it near a window and gave it to them.

The student was cited for possession/use of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. He chose to do the diversion program.

Smoke signals

Thursday, Nov. 6 – John Reichert, Governors hall director, called police to report three people were smoking marijuana outside the building.

Two officers responded and went with him to the spot, but despite smelling a “strong odor of burnt marijuana” could not find anything or anyone at the scene and left, according to the report.

One for all and all for…

Friday, Nov. 7 – Police responded to a call from a Murray Hall resident assistant regarding a smell of marijuana. At the room police could hear loud music and male voices. They “smelled around the door frame” to confirm it was the correct room, according to the report.

When the students answered the door, police said the smell got stronger and two of the occupants eyes were red and glassy.

The students denied ever smoking or using marijuana, and the officer said he didn’t believe it.

When asked for cooperation, one of the men, who was not a resident of the room, gave up a “hand-rolled piece of paper.” Police said it had green leafy substance inside.

The man was cuffed and taken out of the room. The room’s residents said they would not consent to a search, but revealed there was a bag of marijuana near where the man had been sitting, and the police also found rolling papers.

The first man claimed all the found items and took the diversion program option.