Student senate hears Schumacher’s plan at Monday’s meeting

Senate passes bills on voting, health services



Director of athletics Dan Schumacher addressed the senate at their Monday night meeting, describing his goals to increase funding for athletics, attract students and update facilities.

Schumacher’s appeal to the senate was in hopes of gaining support for the programs and increased awareness and interaction between the student government and the athletics department, he said.

Divsion I and Divsion II athletes have the opportunity to receive scholarship money, making facilities less important at these levels. But he said at the Division III level, it’s all about facilities because there is no financial aid for athletes, and his goal is to add new facilities aims to help the university draw more students away from other Division III schools like La Crosse and Whitewater, Schumacher said.

“We’re behind the times,” Schumacher said. “We’re kind of behind the eight-ball and I’m going make lemonade out of lemons.”

Schumacher did not give any specifics, or any plan to propose construction with the number of projects already pending state approval for funding.

Christian Paese, director of the finance commission, said that any funding from the senate would need to be in next year’s budget, with proposals for funding due Oct. 10.

“He (Schumacher) certainly has a proven track record of being able to demonstrate success,” Paese said. “I’m really looking forward to working with him to increase the visibility of athletics and make something we can continue to be proud of.”

Schumacher cited his past positions at Division I and II universities and his work in banking to convince the senate of his abilities to raise funds and increase interest in athletics.

“This school needs to be about winning,” Schumacher said. “I don’t know if that focus was there before.”

New health committee formation

In another quick move, the senate moved to suspend rules, vote on and approve a measure in one sitting.

The measure, which passed, approved the combination of the Student Health and Wellness Committee and the Student Health Services Committee.

The combination would take over both of the roles of the previous two committees and be under the name of the Student Health and Wellness committee.

The committee will provide recommendations to the senate on issues of student health and wellness, and will involve itself in matters including counseling services, dining services and recreation.

Student body president Sam Fish said that the prior committees were not given a specific lifetime, and the move streamlines the services while ensuring a quick transition.

“It was more formality than anything else,” Fish said. “We wanted to ensure we had a committee to address these issue without jumping through an extra hoop to get anything done.”

New voting software

The senate voted unanimously to move forward with a bill that would fund a program to ease voting registration for students.

More information about the program will be published Thursday at and in the print edition of The Spectator.