Marketing senior named 2014 outstanding business communication student

Faculty nominates student for award

Story by Courtney Roszak, Staff Writer

Jason Hinz received the 2014 Outstanding Business Communication Student Award. The award is presented to the student who best demonstrates excellent writing, presentation, interpersonal, team, critical thinking, problem solving and organizational skills that work to make a good communicator.

Students don’t apply for the award, so when Hinz, a senior marketing major, found out he was this year’s recipient, he said he was shocked, but very proud.

“The faculty voted on it, which is really cool,” Hinz said. “I didn’t see it coming which made it really neat.”

Chair of the Business Communications department, Paula Lentz, said the process to decide on the recipient for the award is decided heavily by the faculty of the business communications department. First, members of the faculty each nominate one student who they believe exemplifies the multiple skills in the business communication field. Then staff look at students who are nominated multiple times, and select the recipient from there.

“It is an honor to be nominated, we had several nominees. We have so many good students that it is both satisfying and sad at the same time because we can only give one award,” Lentz said. “We have so many deserving students, but Jason stood out to everybody as somebody who is a role model and an exemplifies of what we think a student with the Outstanding Business Communication Student Award should be. “

This is the second year the Outstanding Business Communication Student Award has been given. Last years recipient was, Jake Broesch.

The department decided to give out the award to recognize the students and the work they do. Employers look favorably towards the business certification on their resume.

Lentz said the award is a great talking point on a resume for future employers due to the award being voted on by faculty and the skills the recipient holds.

 Through out Hinz’s past four years on campus he said multiple faculty members have become big role models for him. Two faculty members he has strongly connected with one being Lentz, and the other being professor of Business Communications Emily Elsner Twesme.

“Elsner Twesme has been a big mentor to me. She actually runs the business communications studio and I tutor there,” Hinz said.

Hinz took Elsner Twesme’s business communications class and it was through that class he became closer to her. Since the class they have kept in touch. The two met two years ago when Hinz took Business Writing and Business Presentations. He also works as a tutor and helped shape how the studio works.

“He is a gifted, natural presenter and an exceptional writer. He takes initiative to make things happen,” said Elsner Twesme. “(Hinz) has a skill set that is so difficult to teach. As educators, we can only help to cultivate these skills.”

Business communication has helped Hinz in both his studies and professional life. He currently is working for a weekly blog company which pairs up small businesses and organizations with writers. Hinz said the business communication work has helped greatly prepare him for his future in the professional field.

“The biggest thing I think was definitely deadlines. Learning how to manage time and the stress of handling a deadline,” Hinz said. “I know will definitely help with going into marketing where deadlines are important.”