Chippewa Valley Museum receives grant

Story by The Spectator Staff

The Chippewa Valley Museum received a $150,000 grant from The Institute of Museum and Library Services.

IMLS gave out $3 million in grants to 244 institutions across the nation.

CVM Director Susan McLeod said they would like to expand on what the museum already has along with implementing some new technology with the
money granted.

“We want to increase the local history and culture content of current publications,” McLeod said. “But also develop some new things like digital programming and activities you can do with hand-held devices.”

McLeod also said there are many other things they wish to implement with the money, but those things will be in the works down the road.

Representatives from IMLS were unavailable for comment because of the government shutdown effective Oct. 1.

According to the Chippewa Valley Museum press release, IMLS Director Susan Hildreth said the Institute looks at giving grants to organizations that exercise three specific qualities.

“… putting the learner at the center, serving as community anchors, and serving as stewards of cultural and scientific collections,” McLeod said.

The CVM received a grant from IMLS in 2009 for a study called “The Good Life: A Cultural Direction for Eau Claire County.” That money was used to enhance the museum’s strategic planning skills for the city’s cultural planning.

The project justification in the CVM’s proposal to IMLS included verbiage of why the museum needed the money awarded.

The justification states, “We request $150,000 from IMLS for Thinking Local, a project to help CVM work collaboratively with other partners to realize key recommendations from the IMLS-funded Good Life study.”

The IMLS is the primary source of federal support for the nation’s 123,000 libraries and 17,500 museums.


—The Spectator staff