Student Senate: Vote coming on Organizations Commission changes

Story by Nate Beck, Staff Writer

The Senate launched a bill that could change the makeup of the Organizations Commission Monday.

The Organizations Commission oversees campus organizations.

The Student Organization Conduct Committee handles and reports problems in campus organizations. SOCC is not currently defined under senate bylaws.

If the bill passes, the new-look SOCC would consist of a director, a senator who is a member of the Organizations Commission, a non-member senator, a non-senate Organizations Commission member and a student.

The bill also outlines what an organization needs to do to be in “good standing” with the commission, Interim Organizations Commission Director Jarrel Montgomery said.

“We’re just elaborating on exactly what that (SOCC) is, and then we’re talking about good standing.” Montgomery said. “Good standing is a state of being OK by me and the commission.”

Organizations must regularly update contact information, attend workshops, have a faculty advisor and refresh their constitutions annually.

If an organization doesn’t meet requirements, they would no longer be officially recognized in 28 days under current bylaws; 14 days to respond and another 14-day probationary period where they exist under provisional status.

This process would be changed so the provisional status would be assigned immediately and they would then get two weeks to make any changes, if the bill is passed Monday. Organizations that don’t meet the rules in two weeks would no longer have official org status.

Eau Claire College Democrats President Paul Savides said he is glad senate is taking time to look at organizations committee bylaws.

“As the president of an org, I do pay close attention to some things that they do and it’s nice to see that they are reforming some things,” Savides said.

Savides said he would like to see more communication between the Organizations Commission and campus organizations. “It would be nice if they would contact us and ask us what things would be helpful for us.”