Eating for money

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Eating for money

Story by Michelle Enger, Copy Editor

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A fresh way groups like Circle K and the UW-Eau Claire women’s rugby team have raised money is through local restaurants in
Eau Claire.

Kristie O’Brien, treasurer of the rugby team, said the team has been doing fundraisers with Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill  for a couple years now.

“I think it is pretty easy to do, you just go in and talk to the manager, fill out a form, and market it to people,” she said.
The only cost they had to put into the fundraiser was time, she said.  However, the organization still had to market the benefit so that people would attend during the designated time.

Jordan Shelton, fundraising chair for Circle K, said the group raised between $30 and $40 in the last two fundraisers with Burrachos, but the organization still had to get people to come to the restaurant during the fundraiser.

Both O’Brien and Shelton said their organization made a Facebook group and invited people to their fundraiser as a way to market to people outside their organization. The guests of the group had to print out a flyer and bring it to Burrachos when they bought food.

“That makes it more difficult that people can’t just grab (a flyer), you have to make sure you actually get people to go,” Shelton said.

She also said the restaurants are very receptive to organizations fundraising with their facility.

Ian Higgins, manager of Burrachos on Water Street, said it makes the time go faster for the employees when benefits are
being held.

Back in the manager’s office in Burrachos, there is a calendar with scheduled benefits.  When an organization wants to plan a benefit, Higgins said they can choose their day if there isn’t another fundraiser scheduled.

Each fundraiser has a four hour time frame to bring in as many customers as they can. Higgins said 20 percent of the sales from that time frame goes toward the benefit.

Fundraisers have become a regular event for Burrachos. The month of October had benefits at least once a week and there are a couple scheduled for November as well, Higgins said.

Burrachos is not the only restaurant around Eau Claire that allows organizations to have fundraisers with them.  Shelton said Circle K has also done a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings.

O’Brien and the rugby team already have another fundraiser lined up at Noodles and Company.

“We don’t make a whole lot of money on them … it’s kind of small potatoes, but at the same time it’s pretty good benefits for the small cost you have to put into it.”