Most students don’t support Blugold Commitment

Story by The Spectator staff

[Editor’s note: Stay tuned to later today for more updates]

Students overwhelmingly voted against a proposed tuition increase of $1,500 to be phased in over four years, according to the results of a campus-wide survey sent by Student Senate to all undergraduates on Tuesday.

Of the 3,665 undergraduates who responded, almost 70 percent said they do not support the Blugold Commitment. Of that 70 percent, 85 percent said it was because they thought the tuition increase was too high. About half said they don’t approve of 40 percent of the increase going toward financial aid.

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The Student Senate will vote on a resolution supporting the Blugold Commitment at their Dec. 7 meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the Tamarack Room. Student input will be allowed during the meeting’s open forum, Student Body President Michael Umhoefer said.

Regents said at their October board meeting at UW-Eau Claire that they need evidence of student support of the proposal before they approve the Blugold Commitment, slated for their Feb. 5-6 meetings.

“Without student support, the Regents will simply not approve it,” Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich said in the initial presentation of the Blugold Commitment to faculty and staff at the Blugold Breakfast on Aug. 28.