Segregated fees could be lowered

With estimated enrollment figures of full-time and returning students consistently on the rise, students could be charged less in segregated fees.

“In essence, you have more kids paying so you don’t have to charge as much per student,” said David Gessner, director of business services.

After the finance commission met Oct. 31, the commission set a tentative target which would allow full-time students in 2002 to pay $3.50 less than they currently pay in student segregated fees.

The tentative target funding level for the 2002 academic year was set at $2,166, 130.

Currently, each student pays $239.50 per year in student segregated fees. The $3.50 decrease would drop that number to $236 if the tentative target funding level is not changed.

From 4:20 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, the Finance Commission will have its annual budget hearings in the Eagle Room, Davies Center.

Each student organization is offered a chance to lobby for the amount of money it is requesting.

Nate Otto, finance commission director, said the commission welcomes any students to sit in on the meetings and see how the process works.

Gessner said the tentative target funding level may change in the budget process.

“This is just the beginning,” Gessner said. “There are still several steps yet that will occur in the process.”

With the budget hearings finalized, the finance commission will meet next week in a deliberation process where they look at each student organization and whether it should receive the amount requested.

Depending upon how much each organization asks for, Otto said, the target funding level could be altered.

By the end of the deliberation process, Gessner said the finance commission will have either approved or modified each organization’s budget request, ultimately deciding how much money each organization should receive.

The finance commission will propose this information to the Student Senate in the form of a bill. Gessner said the bill will be debated among Senate members by February.