Chancellor’s Roundtable will center on campus events after terrorism

Students are offered an opportunity to speak with the chancellor and head administrators at the first Chancellor’s Roundtable of the fall semester. The open discussion will begin at 4 p.m. Wednesday in the Ho-Chunk Room, Davies Center.

The roundtable, sponsored by the University Activities Commission of the Student Senate and Mortar Board, is a chance for all students and staff to come together to speak informally about student-related issues with Chancellor Donald Mash.

The chancellor said the format is typically open for students to raise any comments or concerns that they may have. Mash said he expects the discussions on Wednesday to focus mainly on what’s been happening on campus with the terrorist attacks.

“I want to give students a chance to talk and ask questions,” Mash said.

Mash said some possible topics include what was done on campus as an affect of the terrorist attacks, both good and bad.

He also expects to discuss the forum speaker and whether we could we have cancelled classes earlier.

Student Senate President Andy Oettinger said that the format of the roundtable is pretty laid back. All students are welcome to get involved, he said.