Off the Wall: Feb. 14, 2012


Story by The Spectator Staff

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Off the Wall is a weekly fantasy baseball podcast that will appear online every Tuesday. The show is co-hosted by Sports Editor Frank F. Pellegrino, Op/Ed Editor Eric Christenson and Copy Editor Chris Reinoos.

The show provides a balance of in depth analysis and basic information for those who may be new to the game. To keep the show fun and entertaining there will always be plenty of nonsense and wild tangents along the way.

In this week’s episode:

  • What to do with Adam Wainwright coming off of Tommy John surgery
  • Does A.J. Burnett’s value improve if he’s traded to the Pirates?
  • A rundown of the different websites that host fantasy baseball
  • Tips for naming your team
  • How much do first base coaches get paid?
  • How many different types of catcher’s gear are there?
  • Top five catcher rankings
  • Top five baseball food rankings