EC Eats

Authentic Greek cuisine at the Viennese Ball


After a great spring break where I pretty much did nothing but sleep, watch Netflix and raid my parent’s fridge, I came back to Eau Claire refreshed and in the mood for some EC eats. 

I didn’t really have time during the week to go spelunking for some hidden gem tucked away in some corner of the city I had somehow never seen. 

After agreeing… wait actually, volunteering to take EC eats for the third time the pressure started to mount by the end of the week.

Then, inspiration struck. 

This past weekend, the Viennese Ball happened in the Davies Center here at UW-Eau Claire.

It’s an evening of singing, dancing and fancy attire. I can get on board with the first two, but I’ve found the idea of wearing a suit and tie repulsive until very recently so I never felt the need to go.

This year, however, one of my roommates was hosting part of the event as well as performing, so I figured it’d be worth the appearance to show support. And in the 11th hour, I also realized that I could use the refreshments they served during the event as material for this EC eats.  

So that evening some friends and I went to, of all places, Davies on a Friday night. One thing I was unaware of about V-Ball was the bar. They had one on each floor and the drinks were flowing.

I, of course, did not partake since my early June birthday gives me a couple of months till I can engage in legal drinking. My 21-year-old friends, however, got loose. 

I was reminded of how low-class my usual attire of sweatpants and sneakers is by the literal shock on the faces of people that knew me when they saw me in a collared shirt. 

Funny enough, I hadn’t worn a suit since 11th grade until my mom made me get one so I didn’t embarrass her at a swanky gathering my aunt had last fall.

As has become customary whenever I man the ship that is EC eats, I’ve rambled about non-culinary topics for about half an article before getting to the part you’re all here for.

After about two hours of fun me and my other roommate stumbl– I mean walked down to the first floor where all the food was being served. 

There were little cheese plates in one corner and brats in another, but I really wanted to test my palate with the most intriguing thing the University had to offer — a gyro. 

Yea that’s right, along with the aforementioned offerings of cheese and sausage — two things de rigueur of Wisconsin Cuisine — they were also serving their attempt at making authentic Greek cuisine. I must admit my hopes were not high.

The gyro was stuffed with falafel, which I’m assuming was done to accommodate different food preferences. It also came with tomato, onions and tzatziki. 

I’ll cut to the chase, it was not a good gyro. 

The pita bread was dry and kind of stale, the same could be said for the falafel. They offered fries, but they were cold and soggy. But herein lies the magic of Davies. 

Since I was a freshman, Davies has been supplying me with food that has never truly knocked my socks off but has always been there when I needed it, and that night was no different.

Also, it has to be said that many people walking into the cafe area that weekend were likely too inebriated to care that the gyros weren’t quite the same as they would be in an actual restaurant. 

They were just looking for something to make the next morning a little less painful. And I think it does the trick… too bad you’ll have to wait a full year to try it at the next Viennese Ball. 

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