Local Artists Perform at the Cabin

Hana Fleur and Brooke Elizabeth are featured at the Cabin

Mallory Williams

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Photo by Mallory Williams

Brooke Elizabeth performing at The Cabin

This past Saturday, Oct. 29, the Cabin hosted two singer-songwriters. Local artists Brooke Elizabeth and Hana Fleur performed original songs for students. Each artist played for about an hour.

Elizabeth said she got a guitar at age 13 and wanted to learn how to play. She went to a music school where she got interested in performing and has slowly gotten more comfortable with it. 

Elizabeth said she mostly writes sad or emotional songs and she uses her songwriting as an outlet. She said she tends to hear melodies while driving or will think of chord progressions when listening to other artists’ work. 

She said she mostly writes about things that have happened in her life but hopes to start to branch off into more storytelling. 

Elizabeth said when people listen to her songs she wants them to know they are not alone in whatever they are feeling. 

“I think (in music) we hear songs that are sad and can relate to that, but (the writers) are probably not actually feeling that way. But it is true, those songwriters, those words are really valid,” said Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth said her favorite song of hers is “Blue.” According to her, it is about the fear of missing out you get when you see people doing stuff on social media and learning that sometimes it is okay to feel sad. 

Elizabeth has over 200 listeners on Spotify and her most-listened-to song has over 7,000 listens. 

Fleur said that although she has always loved music, she did not really get into music until after she moved to the East coast when she was 18. 

Fleur said after she moved back to Wisconsin she could not stop writing songs. According to her, she has always written poetry so writing song lyrics was an easy transition for her. 

She said she enjoys how powerful the connection with listeners can be when she is performing and loves it when people start dancing at her performances. 

“We all have a certain niche that kind of brings us together in a community and our culture is really dampened out with the power of artists and music. We need it, it’s what brings us together,” said Fleur. 

Fleur said when she is often writing songs she is writing about a feeling she cannot express through words but is able to express in her music. 

“The only way we get through the hardest parts of life is through music and through art,” Fleur said, “It’s the glue oftentimes between us that we can share an emotion because we have this sound and performance and this art piece before us.”

Fleur said her favorite song of hers is “Dreaming.” She said when she plays the song she feels she is brought somewhere else. 

Fleur has 45 monthly listeners on her Spotify account. 

Victoria Unvehaun is a first-year student at UW- Eau Claire and said she has attended a few Cabin Concerts this year. 

“I get to experience new artists and find new people to listen to and it’s just fun,” Unvehaun said. 

Fleur’s next concert is on Nov. 5 at Stones Throw and Elizabeth has a song “People Pleaser” coming out in a few months. 

The next Cabin Concert is at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 5. and will feature Tony Williams. The rest of the Cabin Concert schedule can be found here. These events are free and open to the public.

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