Banbury Place October market

Artists and Vendors sell their work at Banbury Place Market

Maggie OBrien

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February 28, 2024

Photo by Charlotte Becker

A glimpse of a vendor’s merchandise.

The Banbury Place Market hosted a free October market event, where all ages were welcome to shop and explore. 

The October market took place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 29 at Banbury Place, Building 13. 

According to the Volume One events calendar, the Banbury Place October Market offered a chance to explore the three floors of historic Building 13, the “home of makers, creators and innovators.”

Market attendees were able to shop open studios and local guest vendors, purchase food and enjoy free live music.

Mindy Huntress, artist of the Banbury Art Crawl Team, said the events that take place in Banbury Place Market began with the art crawl, which began 15 years ago. 

“Now we’re doing the markets as well, which are somewhat like the art crawl but smaller and more oriented towards crafters, such as soapmakers and things that we don’t have at the art crawl,” Huntress said. “We’re making everybody happy with the markets.” 

Huntress said the Banbury Place October Market hosted 16 vendors.

“We’re just hoping to promote local makers and bring the community in to see what the residents are doing and just make the community aware that Banbury is here,” Huntress said. 

Huntress said the Banbury Place Market is trying to bring in the younger generation and offer them opportunities.

“For the Art Crawl we are going to have a sponsorship of a young artist to be present there,” Huntress said. 

Lewis Bingol, a second-year illustration student at UW-Eau Claire was a vendor at the Banbury Place October Market where he sold his art. 

Bingol said he was offered the spot at Banbury Place after selling at many of the art markets over the summer. 

“I had a lot of opportunities to talk to a lot of people and meet a bunch of artists that were around,” Bingol said.

Bingol said it was exciting to get his foot in the door with art events and opportunities as a student. 

“I’m hoping to sell my work and get a little bit out there,” Bingol said. “Every opportunity like this is another chance to talk to more artists and continue on with learning a bit more about the actual sales.”

Kate McLean, owner of Fillmore Spaces Metalwork and Design, was another vendor at the Banbury Place October Market.

McLean sells handmade, unique metalwork that offers a design unlike typical furniture or decor that could be found in a department store. 

McLean said she enjoys having a spot at the Banbury Place Market and having the community that Banbury offers.

“It’s really nice to be involved with events like this where there’s a lot of traffic,” McLean said. “You meet tons of people and there’s lots of other creators and business people in the building that help you figure out how to make everything work and make connections.

McLean said she earned a degree in welding and worked in the trades before taking a break from metalwork until she realized she could combine her skill of welding with her love of architecture, design and art.

“If I could send a message to the UW-Eau Claire community, it would be that you live life one time and do what makes you happy,” McLean said.

For more information about the Banbury Place Markets or for directions to Banbury Place, check out the Banbury Art Crawl website

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