Shivering with anticipation for the Rocky Horror Show

Eau Claire Children’s Theater is performing the Rocky Horror Show at the Oxford

Charlotte Becker

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The Children’s Theater will be putting on a special production of “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

“The Rocky Horror Show” is coming to the Eau Claire Children’s Theater for three Halloween weekend showings of the stage adaptation of the movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

There will be two showings at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27 and Saturday, Oct. 29. There will also be a traditional midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Show on Friday, Oct. 28.

If audience members are unfamiliar with the movie or the musical they can expect a strange and fun experience with crazy and unique characters, according to Executive Director of The Eau Claire Children’s Theater, Wayne Marek.

“It is a kitschy, sci-fi, rock and roll musical. It is a ton of fun and the story doesn’t make a ton of sense, but there is a story,” Marek said.

The theater production of the cult classic movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a bit more interactive, according to Kyle Jorgenson who plays the character Frank N. Furter in “The Rocky Horror Show.”

“This show is so much fun and it presents an opportunity for the crowd to interact with theater in a way that you don’t always get to,” Jorgenson said. “There is so much audience participation and callouts and props.”

Audience members will be able to purchase prop bags with instructions before the show and callback lines will be listed in the show program for those who are unfamiliar with traditional audience interactions. 

Not only is the aspect of audience interaction unique, but the story itself is also unusual, according to Brandon Litwiller who portrays the character Rocky Horror in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” 

“I love it when brand new people who have never experienced any of it before come to it for the very first time because there is some shock value to it. The story is a little out there, a little crazy, a little extreme, but that’s half the fun,” Litwiller said. 

The musical is a chance for people to dress up and “let their freak flag fly,” so audience members can feel welcome to come in their Halloween costumes or dress as a Rocky Horror character, according to Litwiller.

“If you come to the show, don’t be afraid to wear costumes. Don’t be afraid to participate. Just have fun, don’t be afraid to have fun,” Litwiller said. 

While the company is named the Eau Claire Children’s Theater, not every show is for kids or involves children in the production according to Marek.

“It’s definitely an R-rated show for language and adult situations. Definitely something that will appeal to adults and college students,” Marek said. “There are always a few shows in the season that are really just for adults and this would be one of them.”

For die-hard Rocky Horror fans, Litwiller shared some insight on which of the three performances to attend. 

“The midnight show on Friday night is probably more geared to those that really know all of the scenes. That (show) is going to be a longer show because the audience will be participating more,” Litwiller said. 

There will be three showings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Tickets are currently available to purchase at the Eau Claire Children’s Theater website.

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