The Cabin hosts open mic night

Uncommon Denominator finishes Open Mic night on a high note


Photo by Toby Mohr

Open mic at The Cabin showcases a variety of performers and Uncommon Denominator closes out the night.

The University Activities Committee (UAC) hosted open mic night at The Cabin on Friday. Students, alumni and community members performed music, poetry and comedy routines before local band Uncommon Denominator closed out the night.

The open mic night was part of the UAC Winter Carnival series. Winter Carnival also featured craft sessions, fitness and winter themed games, a movie night and dog sled rides to help students fight the Winter blues. 

Performers of all experience levels were able to showcase their talents and connect with the audience in a relaxed atmosphere and the audience got to watch a wide variety of entertainment as first-time performers and experienced entertainers took the stage.

Open mic provided an opportunity for Connor Simon, a first-year student, to step out of his comfort zone and perform solo for the first time. 

“I was recently in Cabaret and I found that it was fun to perform and felt this was a good way to keep doing that in my free time,” he said.

Emmalia Klien, a community member and songwriter, said she saw the event as an opportunity to gain exposure and grow an audience. 

“I’m really trying to get my name out there,” she said. “Music is something I want to pursue in life and open mics are a great way to do that.”

After all registered performers had a chance to put on a show, Uncommon Denominator closed out the night with an over hour-long performance. 

Uncommon Denominator is made up of UW-Eau Claire alumni and students and has been named Best Cover Band in the Chippewa Valley for a third year in a row by Volume One magazine.

The band took to the stage with the same goal as the other acts; to connect with the audience. 

Emily Watkins, the band’s guitarist, said the band enjoys playing for UW-Eau Claire students.

“We have a working relationship with UAC,” she said. “We really enjoy connecting with students. We like to tailor our sets to songs they like to hear.”

The band’s relationship with the university has allowed them to play several events on campus and connect with students through their performances, but it also gives them a unique opportunity to play shows where the band was born in 2018.

Jake Arnold, saxophonist for Uncommon Denominator, was one of the founding members of the group four years ago.

“It’s nice to play a show where we all met each other and where the band all started,” he said.

 While the Winter Carnival series has ended, UAC continues to host a slew of events for students including concerts, movie showings and more open mic events. UAC is also hosting Springfest in April. UAC event times and information can be found here

Klein produces under the artist name ‘EmmK’ and can be found on Spotify. 

Uncommon Denominator’s upcoming schedule can be found on the band’s website.

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