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Empty Bowls Week, a virtual art gallery and Waffle Saturday are upcoming events you won’t want to miss

Grace Schutte

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May 10, 2023

Photo by Hailey Thorsen

Graphic by Hailey Thorsen

Note: “We Pick Three” is a rotating column where Spectator writers pick their top three upcoming events in Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. 

Empty Bowls Week 

For the first week of March, the Feed My People Food Bank is holding their annual Empty Bowls fundraiser. The money used to purchase a one-of-a-kind gift bag goes toward fighting local hunger.

According to their website, the gift bags include “a handcrafted bowl, local recipes and coupons to restaurants” that have supported Empty Bowls in the past. 

In addition to each gift bag, members will be able to access an online silent auction, where the Feed My People Food Bank will be auctioning items “ranging from experience packages to pieces made by local artists.” 

Those interested have the option of purchasing a Traditional Gift Bag for $20, a Signature Gift Bag for $25 and a “Bowl with a Bowl” for $10. 

Tickets can be purchased here

In adhering to COVID-19 friendly regulations, the gift bags will be available for pick up at the Feed My People Food Bank parking lot, located at 2601 Alpine Rd., Eau Claire. 

The pickup

time will be included on the ticket receipt emailed to customers. 

Of Eau Claire: Our Landscape 

Dolan-Neill, curator of “Eau Claire: Our Landscape,” said the exhibit shows reclaimed objects and watercolor portraits of familiar places around the city of Eau Claire. The exhibit is free for all to attend virtually on the Pablo Center website.
(Photo by Submitted)

Of Eau Claire: Our Landscape, a virtual art gallery, is being presented by the Pablo Center at the Confluence this spring. The works, selected from the Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection, dive deep and investigate surprising new views of Eau Claire. 

Rose Dolan-Neill, curator of the gallery, said “On exhibit are reclaimed objects, beautiful watercolors of familiar places and the rivers along with the flora and fauna that they bring.” 

Viewers will notice several different renditions of the confluence itself, according to the curator, and each piece can elicit individual experiences and emotions to its viewers.

Some examples of pieces you can view are Ann Marie Meuleners’ pieces — utilizing bright watercolors — and Malcom Holzman’s showcase of warm beige tones.

Then branching away from the canvas, works by Michael Pilla, Tim Brundnicki, Dan Clumpner and Mel Sundby diversify the collection, introducing stained glass art, sculptures and more. 

Dolan-Neill later says they hope to “inform, educate and inspire future generations of art enthusiasts.” 

Viewers can scroll through diverse and distinctive perspectives, bearing witness to a plethora of different styles and outlooks on this beautiful city.

It is both a free and virtual exhibit ending April 2. 

Waffle Saturdays 

While this may not be breaking news for most, it is worth reminding readers of The Living Room Coffee House and Roastery’s Saturday waffle drive-thru. 

Stop by anytime between 8 a.m. to 12. p.m. for a warm Belgian waffle along with a daily specialty option. 

According to their website, they have many unique daily flavors, such as “apple pie, s’mores, chocolate chai, chocolate-covered strawberry, peanut butter overload, caramel maple pecan and the Elvis” to name only a few. 

They recommend that waffle lovers come earlier in the day due to their popularity. But, The Living Room encourages it’s patrons to invite their friends along with them to enjoy the experience together.  

These waffles can be found at 2006 Cameron St., Eau Claire. 

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