Weekend Shenanigans

A movie, a spontaneous trip and some puppy love

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My weekends have been pretty uneventful lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic — except for this past one.

My friends and I decided to venture out and see a movie at the theaters for the first time in months. We have been dying to see this movie and needed to see it as soon as we possibly could.

While we were hoping one of the theaters around the Eau Claire area would be showing the second installment of the “After” series, this was not the case.

It was showing at a small movie theater in New Richmond, Wis. though, so we hopped in my sister’s car and drove a little over an hour to see the movie “After We Collided.”

I don’t think any of us minded the drive because we spent the majority of it belting out songs from our “car bops” playlist and testing out our recently purchased Carpool Karaoke bluetooth microphone.

The one thing I was looking forward to the most was the movie theater popcorn, so naturally we made a beeline to the concession stand and got comfortable to watch this highly anticipated movie.

An hour and 45 minutes and one large bag of popcorn later, we left the theater feeling satisfied. Even though most of us thought the movie was going to be better than it actually was. 

If I say anything about the movie, I know I will end up spoiling it, so if you’re interested, you can read more about it here.

One spontaneous road trip down, one to go.

My friends and I sat in the New Richmond Kwik Trip parking lot trying to figure out what we wanted to eat for supper. There aren’t many places to eat in New Richmond, so we went to Minnesota.

We decided to go to Chick-Fil-A, which is located 35 minutes in the opposite direction of home and across the state border. None of us had ever had it before, and we wanted to experience it together.

An hour later, we all had Chick-Fil-A in front of us in a random town in Minnesota.

Overall, I enjoyed my first Chick-Fil-A experience. If you prefer chicken over beef, I definitely recommend you go to Chick-Fil-A — and don’t forget to order the polynesian sauce.

The drive was almost two hours long, so by the time we got home, I just wanted to sleep and prepare myself for a Sunday full of homework and dog snuggles ahead.

On Sunday, I decided to be lazy, but get work done at the same time. Which really means, I spent the whole day doing homework on my couch under a blanket while my dog slept in my lap.

It was quite a productive time, but boring compared to my Saturday adventures. 

I liked it though because in my mind, lazy Sundays are the best kind of Sundays.

Overall, I had a great weekend and if you ever need something to do on the weekend, just get in the car and drive. I can almost guarantee you’ll find an adventure.

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