Social justice leadership retreat

A retreat was held Saturday, Oct. 17 to discuss several social justice topics.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs organized a Social justice leadership retreat that took place Saturday, Oct. 17. Its focus was to empower students to advocate through action, centering the experiences of indigenous students and students of color. Topics discussed at the retreat included: police brutality against black and brown communities, student power at the polls, missing and murdered indigenous women, protesting and mental health when advocating. (Photo by Emma Steiler)
OMA provides programs and services that aid and enhance the collegiate experience, particularly for students of color, helping them excel both individually and collectively. (Photo by Emma Steiler)
Some of the workshops took place in the Black Cultural Center, which can be found in Centennial Hall, room 1931. (Photo by Emma Steiler)
A refrigerator in the Black Cultural Center features a poetic jumble of word magnets. (Photo by Emma Steiler)
Photo by Emma Steiler
One of the many workshops discussed Equity, Diversity and Inclusion on campus. (Photo by Emma Steiler)
Dang Yang, OMA director, led the workshop on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion on campus. (Photo by Emma Steiler)
Students discuss with Yang the ways in which they believe UW-Eau Claire could better their EDI practices. (Photo by Emma Steiler)
A random act of kindness can be as simple as leaving a post-it note with a positive message in a public place for a stranger to see. (Photo by Emma Steiler)
Yang listens and gathers ideas from students about how to better provide resources for them and their peers. (Photo by Emma Steiler)
Members of the retreat getting to know one another. (Photo by Emma Steiler)
Merchandise being handed out at workshops. (Photo by Emma Steiler)