The Cabin opens up Saturday with Minneapolis band

Elizabeth Ghandour played indie-folk at UW-Eau Claire over the weekend

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Photo by Alexandria Martin

Elizabeth Ghandour, an artist from Minneapolis, shared her work with students and community members at The Cabin Saturday.

The Cabin stepped away from its regular coffeehouse atmosphere for its Saturday, Jan. 28 performance featuring Elizabeth Ghandour, a singer from Minneapolis.

Performing has always been something she’s loved, Ghandour said. When she’s not out performing on little tours, she’s back at home playing local bars and cafes with her band, Elizabeth Ghandour and The Heighburners.

“Performing is a natural high,” Ghandour said. “Like when you’ve finished a big hike. It’s so invigorating. It’s a connection. You can share feelings that you’ve never shared before.”


Because this was Ghandour’s first time performing on campus, she said the band would’ve liked to get to know “the vibe on campus” in the music setting and with the university as a whole.  

Not only has she performed locally, but she’s performed across the United States. From New York to Washington, she’s traveled and has had the opportunity to see the scenery of the country.

The songs she performed Saturday night ranged from covers like Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” to her own pieces like “I Want You To Say.”

When she’s not onstage, Ghandour said she is an “outdoorsy person” and enjoys spending her free time in nature, either running or hiking.

“Nature is a necessity,” Ghandour said, “we play a lot in bars, and sometimes you need to have that nature release.”

Ghandour was one of two performers of the night. Local singer-songwriter, Jerrika Michelle, was another folk singer who brought both covers and original pieces to the stage. She was the first performer of the night.

In the crowd watching the performance were many students, including Tyler McFadzen, a sophomore kinesiology student with a focus on athletic training.

“I really liked their original songs,” McFadzen said. “Hearing new folk music is always really interesting because each song carries its own emotions and feelings, usually through the writer’s own experiences.”
After this performance, McFadzen said he will be coming back to The Cabin more often to hear what new artists are underway.

The Cabin has performances every weekend starting at 8 p.m. featuring talent from local artists and out-of-state groups. Next week, Whale House comes to the stage Friday, Feb. 3 and Sleeping Jesus performs Saturday, Feb. 4. To find out more information go to