Folk punk musician visits hometown for performance at The Cabin

Brett Newski put on two shows with opener Miles Coyn this past weekend in Eau Claire

Folk punk musician visits hometown for performance at The Cabin


Story by Hailey Novak, Staff Writer

Students and community members, along with Brett Newski’s parents and friends, filled The Cabin on Friday night to support Newski and his friend Miles Coyn as they performed on familiar territory.

Newski spent his freshman year studying at UW-Eau Claire, playing basketball and performing with his ‘90s tribute band until he transferred to Madison to continue his education and love for music. There he formed a band called The Nod.

“I was the weird kid who should have been in the band but was on the basketball team instead,” Newski said.

The folk-punk musician spent much time in limbo exploring different opportunities since his graduation, including travel to different countries.

Newski spent two years unaccompanied in Vietnam, where he taught guitar and made music for Vietnamese tampon ads, which Newski jokingly said it was his most favorite song.

While there, he completed his first solo album, “In Between Exits,” and performed at many places throughout Southeast Asia.

Newski said he wanted to live somewhere outside of the United States post-graduation and wished to explore his music solo for a while.

“I like to stay moving and travel to places outside of my comfort zone,” Newski said. “Isolation is good in small doses.”

In addition to Southeast Asia, he has traveled across South Africa and to many places in Europe, including Amsterdam and Ireland. There, he toured and wrote songs for his latest album, “American Folk Armageddon,” which was released last May by Good Land Records.

Newski wrote many songs inspired by his travels, including one titled, “Move To Berlin,” after visiting Germany.

After performing 220 shows in 2014, Newski said he hopes to take a break in the near future and focus on quality rather than quantity.

“You definitely need an escape because every human has a max,” Newski said.