Cabaret in review



Story by Katy Macek, Currents Editor

From the first to last performance of the two hour show, the energy behind the performers’ dance moves and voices was palpable.

UW-Eau Claire’s music and theatre arts department held its annual Cabaret show this weekend, titled “Cabaret XXVII: Community,” and Saturday evening’s performance was not a disappointment.

The show opened with a comedic rendition of (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight, originally performed by Cutting Crew, in which performers all donned hospital gowns to represent the community theme of a hospital. Each set of songs consisted of a different aspect of the community, including the police station, home and a church, among others.

The sets comprised of different acts with members of the Concert Choir, The Singing Statesmen, Women’s Concert Chorale and music from the University Symphony Orchestra and jazz ensembles. In addition, there were several small acts and performances.

What impressed me most about the performances as a whole were the dance moves. Each and every dance member was on point, exaggerating their moves and putting energy behind every movement. They were smiling and put all of their effort into each and every hair flip — and there were many.

My favorite moment of the evening, though, was Stephanie Tyink’s solo rendition of “Black Coffee.” Not only was her voice captivating and emotional, but Sarah Steffens and Jared Marten, two background dancers dressed in black, added intimacy to the performance. Their moves were skilled and practiced.

Aside from the humor and upbeat tone of the majority of the show, this song and dance combo was personal and sent shivers up my spine. In addition, Doungan Smith’s saxophone solo was on point.

From classic rock to country, “Community” provided music for all different genre lovers, and anyone who enjoys a good laugh and good music will be entertained.