Adelyn Rose sophomore album features fresh tones

Drummer: band receiving positive response


Submitted: Jamie Hanson playing live with her group, Adelyn Rose’s album release show Saturday at House of Rock.

Story by Martha Landry, Editor in Chief

Local indie-rock band, Adelyn Rose, recently dropped its second full length album, “Ordinary Fantasy,” drawing on produced, studio editing with a progression to pop-rock over its traditional folk feel.

The band, founded in 2010, has seen cast and sound changes since their first full length album in 2012. Drummer Dave Power said the differences stem from the band growing closer and adapting to the different styles and vibes each member brings.

“Our sound has kind of become more fuller and a bit more indie-rock than folk-rock, which the first album sounded like,” Power said.

The band is comprised of Addie Strei, guitar, keys, and lead vocals; Power, drums; Leo Strei, bass, keys, guitar; Hannah Hebl, keys, vocals; and Jamie Hansen, guitar.

Power said the addition of a second guitarist and his drum kit has brought a more complete sound to the band, as well as lyrical strides from Strei, who writes the majority of the music.

The 10-track album was released on Feb. 18. Powers said so far the band has received positive reactions from fans.

The CD was recorded in Sept. 2012 and April of 2013, Powers said. In the time between recording and the release, the band did mixing. Some of the songs aren’t necessarily new to the audiences — but the sound is.

“There is more complexity and different sounds that can only be heard on the CD,” Power said.

He said the album has more pop-tones with a “full show-gazey indie sound.”

On Feb. 21, the band debuted the  album at the House of Rock in Eau Claire, with Softly, Dear opening. (Addie Strei is also lead vocals for Softly, Dear.) Softly, Dear drummer Alex Adkinson said in general it is always exciting when a local band releases new music.

“Everyone who is in an Eau Claire band is kind of friends with everyone else kind of by proxy,” Adkinson said.

The small town vibe leads to a strong support system from other musicians in the community, Adkinson said.

He said despite being friends with the band, “I was really pumped to watch their new songs.”

The noticeably high-quality production of the new CD is something Adkinson said he was stoked to hear.

“The hooks on that album are really deep. … It’s like more produce,” Adkinson said. “It feels like a bigger deal. They spent like two years on it. They knew what they wanted and they took their time and it worked.”

Adelyn Rose has been performing songs off the CD leading up to the release, but Power said there are complexities that can only be heard on the CD — like brass additions and produced noises.

Adkinson said he respects a studio performance as much as a live one, but the band was able to showcase their ability and growth on the CD.

On Thursday at Glassworks House, Adelyn Rose is playing an all-ages show with no cover.

Power said the band will have CDs for sale at the show, but people can also snag a digital copy at

Adkinson said the new album is not only a great listen, but a worthwhile listen for fans or new followers.

“It’s catchy, but it rocks super hard.”