The Spectator

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Brett Favre

Story by Samantha Muehleis and Thom Fountain

March 3, 2010

Minnesota Brett Favre looks better and plays better in Viking Purple. Enough said. I know Packer fans are going to say, "You just can't compare Favre playing in Minnesota to Favre playing in Wisconsin," but really you c...

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Music

Story by David Taintor and Thom Fountain

March 3, 2010

Wisconsin Here's the difference between Wisconsin and Minnesota when it comes to music: Minnesota is Minneapolis and St. Paul. Wisconsin is Milwaukee, Madison, Door County, Wausau, and Eau Claire. This is a state debate, so...

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Natural beauty

Story by Rob Hanson and Breann Schossow

March 3, 2010

Wisconsin Lakes are pretty cool, no one can contest that. There really is nothing like an evening on a lake emblazon with a fiery sunset or waiting for the sun to show itself over a lake as the mist rises from the water and a ...

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: State flags

Story by Sarah Bradford and Corbin B. Cousky

March 3, 2010

Wisconsin The long-established saying goes "age before beauty" and in the Wisconsin-Minnesota flag debate, this holds true. Wisconsin was a state 10 years before Minnesota, which gives our flag a more mature and practical fl...

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Lakes

Story by Breann Schossow and Ashley Krautkramer

March 3, 2010

Minnesota Rumor has it that Wisconsin has more lakes than Minnesota. After extensive fact checking, I was disappointed to learn that this is indeed true - by several thousand or so. But, there's a reason Minnesota is the land of l...

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Sports

Story by Frank Pellegrino and Lucas Carlson

March 3, 2010

This week in Currents we pit Wisconsin and Minnesota in an extensive Great Debate. Wisconsin Although Wisconsin's sports history has been blowing Minnesota's out of the water since the ball was invented, I am going to focus...

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