The Spectator

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Brett Favre

Story by Samantha Muehleis and Thom Fountain

March 4, 2010

Minnesota Brett Favre looks better and plays better in Viking Purple. Enough said. I know Packer fans are going to say, "You just can't compare Favre playing in Minnesota to Favre playing in Wisconsin," but really you c...

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Music

Story by David Taintor and Thom Fountain

March 4, 2010

Wisconsin Here's the difference between Wisconsin and Minnesota when it comes to music: Minnesota is Minneapolis and St. Paul. Wisconsin is Milwaukee, Madison, Door County, Wausau, and Eau Claire. This is a state debate, so...

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Natural beauty

Story by Rob Hanson and Breann Schossow

March 4, 2010

Wisconsin Lakes are pretty cool, no one can contest that. There really is nothing like an evening on a lake emblazon with a fiery sunset or waiting for the sun to show itself over a lake as the mist rises from the water and a ...

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: State flags

Story by Sarah Bradford and Corbin B. Cousky

March 4, 2010

Wisconsin The long-established saying goes "age before beauty" and in the Wisconsin-Minnesota flag debate, this holds true. Wisconsin was a state 10 years before Minnesota, which gives our flag a more mature and practical fl...

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Lakes

Story by Breann Schossow and Ashley Krautkramer

March 4, 2010

Minnesota Rumor has it that Wisconsin has more lakes than Minnesota. After extensive fact checking, I was disappointed to learn that this is indeed true - by several thousand or so. But, there's a reason Minnesota is the land of l...

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