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Coming back to coach

Coming back to coach

October 15, 2015

Published in Pittsburgh

Story by Ryan Spaight, Staff Writer/Graphic Designer

October 10, 2013

  UW-Eau Claire alumnae Kallie Sandell and Emily Schreiner have been working on a research article together since before they graduated in spring of 2011. Sandell studied communication and Spanish business; Schreiner,...

Blugolds push to build bigger alumni legacy

Story by Nate Beck, Copy Editor

October 3, 2013

Alyssa Kohls’ mother was walking home from work decked out in her uniform when someone hanging off a porch asked her on a date. She agreed. And after a game of darts at a local bar, the UW-Eau Claire students started dating. “My...

Foundation raises private funds for centennial

Story by Eric Christenson, Editor in Chief

October 25, 2012

Between student tuition, state money, grants, etc., there are a lot of ways UW-Eau Claire makes money. Plenty comes from the aforementioned, but one fundraising strategy is fixing to make a $60 million chunk for the university...

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