New semester brings lots of challenges and new opportunities

UW-Eau Claire students are excited to come back to campus for the new semester

Kyra Price

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The Tator
September 19, 2023

The beginning of the semester brings on mixed emotions for UW-Eau Claire students. From excitement for new classes, to frustration from homework loads, students are being thrown head first into the new semester. Some students are on edge about being back to school after such a long break.

Tommy Mestnik, a first-year math secondary education student, said, “I was doing basically nothing for a month and a half, and now I have to actually do things.”

Despite the new workload, Mestnik said he is excited to get back to track practice, hang out with friends  and to enjoy the environment of UWEC.

Cooper Laufenburger, a first year exercise science student, said he is ready to meet new people in his classes and get back into the swing of things. He experienced three concussions due to basketball last semester, and is taking 18 credits this semester to make up for lost time. 

Laufenburger said he is nervous about the amount of homework he will be receiving, and feels as if he is doing everything for the first time since he missed so much last semester. Despite his setbacks, he is looking forward to getting back to working out in McPhee and attending classes, especially his class on issues in religion.

While Laufenburger said he is looking excitedly toward the future, others said that they are struggling to get into a new routine after the long winter break.

Allison Diaz, a first year psychology student said she doesn’t particularly enjoy her morning classes. 

Despite her scheduling, Diaz said she is looking forward to doing homework in The Cabin and the basement of Towers, as well as indulging in the teriyaki bowls from Sushi Do, but most of all, Diaz said that she is looking forward to spring break.

Bailey Boucher, a first year chemistry student, said she has mixed feelings about coming back to campus and her new classes. She was apprehensive about finding her clases, locating a spot to sit and making new friends.

“I was nervous about finding my classes,” Boucher said, “Because even though I knew where the buildings were, it was hard for me to find the specific classes.”

Boucher said she is also adjusting to a new schedule this semester.

“My classes are one after another, so it’s harder to get a lunch break and get from class to class.”

Despite her nerves, Boucher said she is excited to get back to the beautiful scenery of campus. She likes taking the stairs because the trees and animals remind her of the woods back home. She also enjoys people watching on campus in her free time.

“I kinda like seeing what people are doing or what they’re wearing,” Boucher said.

Boucher said she is working even harder this semester than last to get her grades up, now that she is more used to campus life.

“Since it’s second semester, I’m looking forward to doing better in my classes,” Boucher said. “It’s definitely hard because I’m not in the groove of things, but now that I’m back here I’m in focus mode.”

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