The Spectator

2018-2019 Staff

Emilee Wentland


Emilee Wentland is a fourth-year journalism student. She is the editor-in-chief at The Spectator. This is her fourth semester on staff. She enjoys drinking excessive amounts of coffee and later telling everyone how much coffee...

Rachyl Houterman

Managing Editor

Rachyl Houterman is a senior journalism student with a political science minor. She enjoys traveling and visiting national parks as well as hiking and photography. In her free time, she likes to read and be outdoors.

Madeline Fuerstenberg

News Editor

Madeline Fuerstenberg is a second-year journalism student. She aspires to one day write for National Geographic and travel the world. In her free time, she watches movies and sleeps.

Taylor Reisdorf

Currents Editor

Taylor Reisdorf is a fourth-year English Critical Studies student. She enjoys traveling, books of all kinds, food, margaritas and her amazing friends.

Clara Neupert

Sports Editor

Clara Neupert is a third-year journalism student. Her passions are biking and playing card games. She was the top supporter of Spectator bake sales last semester. She once ate nine muffins in a row.

Alyssa Anderson

Op/Ed Editor

Hailing from the Chicago suburb of Mokena, IL, Alyssa Anderson is proud to call Eau Claire her home-away-from-home. This semester, Anderson is excited for her role as Op/Ed Editor during her fourth semester on The Spectator. In...

Kar Wei Cheng

Multimedia Editor

Kar Wei Cheng is the multimedia editor at The Spectator and a third-year student studying integrated strategic communications with an emphasis in public relations. She has a passion for linguistics and photography.

Rebecca Mennecke

Chief Copy Editor

Rebecca "Becca" Mennecke is a second-year creative writing student with a minor in journalism and is stoked to be the Chief Copy Editor of The Spectator this semester. When not checking articles and papers for grammatical errors,...

Julia Van Allen

Copy Editor

Julia Van Allen is a fourth-year English Critical Studies student. This is her first year on The Spectator and she's super stoked to be a copy editor on staff. She tries to be cool, but just ends up screaming whenever she sees...

Bridget Kelley

Copy Editor

Bridget Kelley is a second-year journalism student and is a copy editor for The Spectator. Bridget enjoys buying books that she has no time to read and traveling despite having no navigational skill whatsoever. Bridget is also...

Ryan Huling

Staff Writer

Ryan Huling is a first-year English Education student. He enjoys listening to excessive amounts of music and podcasts. If you'd like to discuss in depth Marvel theories, Ryan is definitely interested.

Natalie Fleming

Staff Writer

Natalie Fleming is a first year journalism student who is excited to spend her first semester writing for The Spectator. She can typically can be caught staring at nothing in particular deep in thought or at a nearby coffee s...

Lauren Spierings

Staff Writer

Lauren Spierings is a first-year Spanish and journalism major and it is her first semester on staff. She likes trying the craziest foods she can find and gushing about it to anyone who will listen.

Lea Kopke

Staff Writer

Lea Kopke is a first-year journalism and German student. She spends her time getting coffee with friends and marching in the Blugold Marching Band. In the future she hopes to travel the world.

Katrina Erskine

Staff Writer

Katrina Erskine attended NDSU her first year and now attends UWEC. Katrina's major is English Education. She enjoys being active and having a good burrito.

Alanna Huggett

Staff Writer

Alanna Huggett is a second-year organizational communication and Latin American studies student. She is a member of the UWEC cross country team. In her free time, Alanna enjoys listening to music, reading books and spending time...

Ta'Leah Van Sistine

Staff Writer

Ta'Leah Van Sistine is a first-year journalism and creative writing student who is excited to be a staff writer for her first semester at The Spectator. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, spending time outdoors and...

Stephanie Janssen

Staff Writer

Stephanie Janssen is a second-year creative writing student. She is a staff writer for The Spectator. Stephanie enjoys heavy reading and writing fantasy stories as well as styling hair and watching lots of talent TV shows.

Maggie Cipriano

Staff Writer

Maggie Cipriano is a staff writer at The Spectator and a third-year student at UW-Eau Claire, but she's doing National Student Exchange in Hawaii. Her passions include Anthony Bourdain, LUSH and eating a wide variety of food....

Sam Farley

Staff Photographer

Sam Farley is a junior student studying multimedia and web design with a minor in Spanish. She can be found outside with her camera, at the nearest bowling alley or on campus solving cryptoquotes and watching Tasty cooking videos.

Gabbie Henn

Staff Photographer

Gabbie Henn is a photography student and is a staff photographer on The Spectator. She enjoys thrifting, cooking yummy food, and loves going to concerts.

Rachel Helgeson

Freelance Writer

Rachel Helgeson is a senior journalism student and is excited to graduate this December. Although she has no clue what she'll be doing after graduation, she does know that she enjoys the outdoors, global travel, photography, ol...

Jessie Meyen

Freelance Writer

Jessie Meyen is a freelance writer at The Spectator and a fourth-year journalism student. She enjoys bubble baths, drinking tea, napping and binge-watching reality TV.

Stephanie Smith

Freelance Writer

Stephanie is a fourth-year student studying integrated strategic communications with an emphasis in advertising. This is her fourth semester on staff at The Spectator and her first semester as a freelance writer. She enjoys playing...

Savannah Reeves

Creative Director

Savannah is a senior graphic design student at UWEC and the creative director at The Spectator. She likes tiny hearts and hugs.

Kimberly Theisen

Fundraising Director

Kimberly Theisen is a senior organizational communication student with minors in event planning and marketing. This is her second semester as the fundraising director. She enjoys drinking too much coffee, exploring new cities...

Molly Brewer

Business Manager

Molly Brewer is the Business Manager at The Spectator. She is double majoring in accounting and information systems-business analysis. She loves reading, traveling, and being outdoors. Her favorite quote is "You have the power to c...

Alyssa Abilo

Advertising Manager

Alyssa Abilo is a senior advertising student. She is the Advertising Manager at The Spectator. She enjoys corgis and pumpkin spice lattes.

Joel Meier

Brand Ambassador

Joel Meier is a first-year Marketing Analytics student. He is the brand ambassador at The Spectator for his first year on staff. He enjoys eating spicy food and bell peppers with peanut butter.

Faith Hultman

Freelance writer

Faith Hultman is a senior English education major with a Spanish minor. She is a freelance writer at The Spectator. In her free time she can be found looking at cats on the Human Society website and drafting PowerPoints to present...

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