Intramural Block 3 is open and ready for students

There is something for everyone in intramural sports and activities

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Spring 2022 intramurals are here

Intramural block three for the spring semester is about to begin. This block offers indoor basketball, indoor soccer, indoor volleyball, bag toss, indoor kickball, ice hockey, rock climbing and more. 

Intramurals focus on having fun in a relaxed and structured way, while also being active. A student can participate in sports or eSports without the stress of being at the collegiate level, according to Colorado University. 

Garrett Larson, Competitive Sports Coordinator, said UW-Eau Claire’s intramural sports program has numerous benefits.

“Students will not only benefit from physical activity and stress relief – but can benefit from friendships built and the cultivation of community and memories through intramural sports here on campus,” Larson said.

Sports can improve your academics as well. According to Mayo Clinic research, exercise will improve cognitive functions, boost mood and reduce anxiety. 

Registration for most intramurals has passed, but the UW-Eau Claire website provides information on full offerings and payment details. 

If applicable, a mandatory captain’s meeting will be held the Sunday before the start of each block.

According to UW-Eau Claire’s website, the basics and larger equipment are provided. Personal equipment and jerseys, however, are not, 

Intramurals are offered to help support wellness and healthy living for students. They allow the opportunity to engage with like-minded peers and make further connections or friendships, according to UW-Eau Claire’s website. 

“Intramurals are a great way to do something fun and meet new people, while also staying safe during Covid-19,” Kayla Irlbeck, a fourth-year economics student, said. 

The league is open to all students and can self-select where they feel most comfortable. The classification of leagues range from open, men’s, women and co-rec.

The location of the recreational facilities will be held at one of the following: McPhee Physical Education Center, Hilltop Recreation Center, Bollinger Fields, Ade Olson Addition, Simpson Field, Hobbs Ice Arena, Wagner’s Lanes and Hickory Hills. 

The typical length of intramural sports and activities is roughly four weeks plus playoffs. 

“As a hockey player, I am excited that Eau Claire offers this intramural in both the fall and spring,” Isaac Anderson, third-year finance student, said.

Fees for intruamurals range from $10 to $50, which can be split up within the team. 

All of the registration takes place online through IMleagues. Earlier registration is recommended for teams to guarantee a spot for their desired league.  

Over 60 open leagues are offered to students and staff. The formatting, offerings and season length are determined by the activity. 

ESports are a recent addition to intramurals. Student Senate and the University Recreation and Sports Operations have allocated money to pay for gaming systems. The games range anywhere from Super Smash Bros to League of Legends. 

According to UW-Eau Claire intramural sports’ facebook page, intramurals are an inexpensive way to improve skills in a friendly environment with something for everyone. Whether it be gaming or hockey, all students can try out the different options UW-Eau Claire intramurals has to offer. 

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