The Super Bowl: How they got there and what to expect next

The Eagles and the Patriots will fight for a Super Bowl win on Sunday.

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The Super Bowl game will be between the Patriots and the Eagles at 5:30pm on Sunday night at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

This football season began strong for the Philadelphia Eagles as they beat the Atlanta Falcons, the Carolina Panthers, crushed the New Orleans Saints and were the number one seed in the National Football Conference (NFC).

However, many football fans might have expected that their lucky strike would end when the Eagles star quarterback, Carson Wentz, limped off of the field during a winning game against the Los Angeles Rams with a torn ACL.

With 33 touchdown passes this season, Wentz holds the all time Eagles record—a fact that might have made the Eagles uneasy about the remainder of their season. But, as the Eagles-Vikings game demonstrated, the Eagles have nothing to be afraid about when it comes to playing without their star quarterback in the Superbowl this Sunday.

After the Eagles scored a 37-7 victory against the Vikings, purple quickly became the new mourning color throughout Minnesota, as many Minnesotans had hoped for a Vikings victory to bring them back to the Superbowl after forty-one years. If the Vikings had won, it would also be the first Super Bowl to ever be played on a team’s home turf — the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Thanks to the Eagles, Minnesota Vikings fans like first-year Healthcare Administration student Andrea Kuehn, are crushed.

“I had to turn off the TV because I was so disappointed,” Kuehn said.

In the upcoming Super Bowl, the Eagles will be playing the New England Patriots, who likewise lost one of their star players to injury. Rob Gronkowski, one of the Patriot’s best offensive weapons, received a concussion during the American Football Championship (AFC) championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars (where the Patriots still won 24-20) and will not be allowed to return until he has passed a mental evaluation to be certain that he is fit for the field.

The Patriots still have had a great season, as they are making their eighth appearance at the Superbowl in the past seventeen seasons. Historically, they have made the playoffs a total of twenty-two times and have six AFC East titles from 2009 through 2014. It is not too surprising that they are at the Superbowl yet again.

Both the Eagles and the Patriots played against one another in Super Bowl XXXIX where the Patriots beat the Eagles 24-21. The Patriots also played in the most recent Super Bowl in which they came back from 25 points down to win Super Bowl LI.

If the Patriots continue their winning streak, they will tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers with most Superbowl wins, as the Patriots have earned five Super Bowl wins in the past seventeen years. This will make the next game a game of tough competition and, likely, a close win for whichever team is victorious.

I will be cheering for the same team that I do every year — the best Super Bowl commercial.

Kuehn, a Minnesotan like me, said “I just want to watch it for the commercials, honestly.” When asked which Superbowl ad is her favorite, she responded, “The Doritos one.”